Are You Pushing Readers Away?

Are you making a fatal mistake that will keep readers from EVER coming back to your blog? When discussing their pet peeves, #crafterminds chatters mentioned a few big blogging mistakes over and over again. Are you guilty of these easy-to-fix problems?

From our #crafterminds chat 12/27:

Blog Pet Peeves:

dollarcraft: What’s your biggest craft blog pet peeve?

infarrantly: Definitely having to wait for stuff (paint/glue) to dry!

Lilbrownhouse: @dollarcraft Not enough pics of process

dollarcraft: Hear that, everyone? More process pics!

madiganmade: @dollarcraft pet peeve: music and word verification is a close second

craftynovelist: @dollarcraft When you visit a crafty blog and automatic music starts playing. ARRRGHHH!

SouthernRhoda: Agree, music on most blogs is annoying

tabbiecat77: Yes! Music on blogs is just awful!

modpodgerocks: Craft blog pet peeve – can’t find an e-mail address of the person who owns the blog to contact them

kpwerker: My biggest craft-blog pet peeve is bad writing. Photos are super important, but so is good communication

CMHay: @kpwerker I agree! No matter how pretty the pics, poor writing makes me less likely to be back.

modpodgerocks: Another crafty blog pet peeve – slow loading time b/c of too many pics and buttons on the front page

SouthernRhoda: One of my pet peeves is a black background. So hard on the eyes!

And, back to the Music:

condoblues: @SouthernRhoda My pet peeve is music playing after blog loads. #blogfail

makeandtakes: Ditto, not a fan of music

PosyMosey: Oh yes! MUTE!

smshedpncarrots: Ugh totally agree!!

aisletoaloha: Oh don’t get me started on the music. HATE it!

modpodgerocks: If I hear one more John Mayer song on a blog, I’m going to jump off of a bridge.

makeandtakes: LOL

hiyaluv: roaring with laughter!

dollarcraft: *dies laughing*

girlswearblue: @modpodgerocks I turn the sound off when blog hopping I can’t cope with many of the music choices lol

infarrantly: But your body is a wonderland!

modpodgerocks: @infarrantly LOL! I can’t help but picture John Mayer in a thong from a US Weekly I saw at the doc’s office

PosyMosey: We may look like lemmings after U!RT @modpodgerocks: If I hear one more J M song on a blog, Im going to jump off of a bridge

cottagemagpie: @modpodgerocks Just say NO to blog music! Please! I usually already have my music playing, so they mix together and ugh!

Don’t Annoy Your Readers

  • turn off word verification on comments [how to do it on Blogger]
  • remove auto-playing music widgets
  • spell check your posts and proofread before hitting “publish”
  • put your contact info (email address) on your About page

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