Heather’s Top 10 for beginning craft bloggers

We’re talking about Craft Blogging 101 at #crafterminds Twitter chat on Monday, so in preparation for our talk, we’re posting our top 10 tips for beginning craft bloggers! Look for a post from Amy, Beckie, and Jen with more top 10 goodness!

Heather’s top 10 tips for beginning craft bloggers

1. know your niche and stay (mostly) on topic
2. keep it simple – one topic per post
3. at least 1 photo with your post
4. make your headlines plain – say exactly what is in your post
5. don’t be afraid to link to others – spread the link love
6. post consistently, once a day, once a week, 3 times a week, etc.
7. offer value: write tutorials, or post photo eye candy, give free
content – play to your strengths and do that the most
8. collaborate with others
9. work on your photography; take decent-good pictures
10. don’t be afraid to shamelessly self-promote

I’ll come back and discuss each of these points in detail in future posts.

What are your top tips for craft bloggers? What makes you return to a specific blog again and again?

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