How to Write a Successful Craft Blog

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At our first session of the #crafterminds twitter chat, we talked about “Craft Blogging 101.” The first question we posed to our participants was:

Okay folks, first question – What is the most important thing a craft blogger needs to know, in your opinion?

We had so many great responses to the question that I thought I’d share some of them with you.

SisterDiane:     I think the most important thing a craft blogger needs to know is that it takes time to find your stride. Keep posting!

infarrantly:     Be original! If you are not original that is okay too. Give credit where credit is due.

TheStoriesofA2Z:     Craft bloggers need to know how to provide a good tutorial with fantastic pics and amusing directions!

CraftTestDummy:     I think a craft blogger has to be part writer, part crafter, and part
teacher to be successful.

dollarcraft:     Most important thing craft blogger needs to know: don’t write
about stuff you have no interest in

theidearoom:     I agree! Be yourself! If you see an idea somewhere…link back! It
will benefit everyone.

condoblues:     I try to link back esp if I was inspired by another’s craft or changed it up a bit when I did it

dollarcraft: Here’s an article from @cassig (crafty crow!) on how to write a
craft tutorial #crafterminds

thisblessednest:     OH…and i love to hear the story behind the concept of a craft.

Tidymom:     personally….I LOVE to hear where the inspiration for a craft came

CraftTestDummy:     I also agree with spreading the linky love. A rising tide lifts all

Very quickly, it became apparent that photography was on a lot of craft bloggers’ minds. We got a lot of questions and comments about photos:

houseofsmiths:     PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES! And good quality ones too!
That’s SO important!

madincrafts:     #1: Make friends with other craft bloggers!

dollarcraft:     Focus on your strengths. If you take beautiful pictures, make them
a focal point of your blog. If you are funny, be funny!

theidearoom:     I think another great thing is to share lots of photos.

marissamakes:     @CraftTestDummy Totally agree! Decent photography skills are a
plus, too.

jenjentrixie:     Great tips! I also think taking great pictures is so important!

attemptingaloha:     @houseofsmiths So is a nice camera a must?? Suggestions?

LaraEllieG:     Rules of the blog: Be nice, give credit, take pictures, be honest.
Drink Diet Coke.

craftingchicks:     Pictures MAKE the post.

CraftTestDummy:     Pictures may “make the post” – but it’s no substitution for good
content, good grammar, and good spelling!

houseofsmiths:     Open up the windows in your home, and NEVER use a flash on your camera if you can help it.

craftymomcooks:     I agree about the pics, but it is sometimes hard to get decent
photos, especially during the winter months.

TheStoriesofA2Z:     If you want your post featured on other blogs, I would say quality
photos are essential!

dollarcraft:     Here’s a quick & simple list of what to include in your craft
tutorials (at Craft Happy)

Don’t forget to be yourself in your blog posts! Being authentic is the surest way to attract readers and keep them!

theidearoom:     Let your personality shine through. A lot of times I follow a blog
based on someone’s fun and unique personalities.

infarrantly:     find other craft bloggers to link arms w/. That has
done more for my blog than anything. We can’t blog alone!

SisterDiane:     Oh – and don’t worry about the “right” way to blog. Blog about
what makes your toes tingle, and all shall be well. 🙂

Lovestitched:     only promote items you really LOVE

crafterminds:     Use your analytics to see what posts are popular – you will get an
idea of what people like

theidearoom:     Be honest about what you like and what you don’t like. Your
opinion will be trusted that way.

myinsanity:     How about be honest about the project? So many blogs make
everything look so easy. Not all crafts go seamlessly.

CraftTestDummy:     @myinsanity That’s why my blog is “Craft Test Dummies”- I
wanted to show the NOT so easy parts!

myinsanity:     I think people trust you more if they know you’ll tell it like it is.

madincrafts:     And let’s not lie… putting the word Pottery Barn in your post title
brings in readers.

dollarcraft:     You can’t do everything, so do the things you enjoy doing. What’s
the point of a joyless craft blog?

Another huge theme in blogging 101 advice was about community: working with other bloggers, and how bloggers treat their peers and readers. Everyone was happy that the craft blogging niche seems to be so friendly and helpful:

milliemux:     Cooperation will build your blog 100 times faster than competition!

crafterminds:     Don’t be afraid to ask other craft bloggers for help – that is how I
met the Crafterminds!

theidearoom:     Other crafters are a great source of support and knowledge.

crafterminds:     Always take the time the answer your comments and questions –
it’s good karma/blogging points!

marissamakes:     Commenting on blogs is a great way to encourage other crafters +
let them know someone’s reading along. They may do the same!

These quotes are all from the first 20 minutes of the chat! The transcript was 50 pages long, so you can imagine how much good stuff we covered over the hour. At the same time, an hour of twitter chatting seems so short. We only asked two or three questions!

In collecting tweets for this post, I came across some great tweets that I totally missed while the chat was happening–that’s how a busy twitter chat works! You just have to keep up where you can and then go back later to find out what you missed.

Don’t forget to come to next week’s chat, December 13th at 1pm PST/4pm EST.  The topic is Photography. Here’s more info about the chat.  Thanks for participating in #crafterminds!

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