Infarrantly Creative’s Photo Tips

I will be the first to admit that out of the four Craftermind girls I am the worst at photography.  I am really hoping to glean some great insight for this Monday’s chat.  But I have two tips.

1.  Use large pictures. When crafting is your niche and you are showcasing your projects you want them to stand out front and center.  Don’t have a small picture with lots of wording.  I would rather see a lot of large pictures along the way because I think it explains more than words can at times.  I use a 450 pixel wide pictures but I know Jen uses 626 pixels and above.  I can’t go any wider than 500 pixels because of my blog design.  But the largest pictures you can possibly use within your blog template are best. Which of the three pictures would you rather see?

DSC05737 DSC05737


My guess is none.  Who wants to see a baby in the middle of a highway???  Just kidding…long story.  I just grabbed the first picture on my desktop.  But you get the point.  Bigger is better…you can see those chubby thighs all up and close.  The same is true with product shots…make them big so we can see the details.

2.  Take many different angles. Many of the best pictures are not a shot straight on.  It seems like the pictures I use most are off to the side.  Try sampling with this.  Take one from a low angle looking up at your project, a high angle looking down, and a left and right side angle and then one head on.  I try and take numerous pictures of each step of my tutorials at all different angles.  Take lots of pictures.  It is hard to recreate a shot once your project is done.  Take 3-5 pictures of each step and then use the one that showcases it the best.

IMG_1582 IMG_1577 IMG_1580 IMG_1581

I will talk with you Monday for our #Crafterminds chat at 4PM EST!  I can’t wait to learn some more photo tricks.  This girl needs some help!

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