New Year’s Resolutions for Blogging & Best Posts of 2010

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Love them or hate them? New Year’s Resolutions can be a motivational tool for the craft blogger. Are you making any this year? Find out what our #crafterminds chatters are resolving to do in 2011. While they’re at it, #crafterminds share their most successful posts of 2010.

From our #crafterminds chat 12/27:

New Year’s Blogging Resolutions?

craftynovelist: So what are your New Year blogging resolutions?

modpodgerocks: My New Year blogging resolution: better quality projects, even if it results in a few less posts.

thisblessednest: i much rather see quality craft posts over quantity.

jenjentrixie: Spend more time with family. Less time on blog.

eCelebrating: @jenjentrixie I have the exact same resolution. I’ve spent WAY too much time on it this year.

craftynovelist: My New Year blogging resolution is to have a firm SCHEDULE with two DIY projects every week.

dollarcraft: spend less time on social media ntwks, more time crafting

SouthernRhoda: Great idea, I worry about you mamas! RT @infarrantly New’s Year Blog Res? Be strict with my blogging sched & SAY NO more often

infarrantly: @Mandalynn96 Saying no to too many opportunities and just saying yes to the ones that will move me forward

condoblues: @crafterminds My New Year’s Blog Res is to work on my photography w/ my new DSLR.

craftynovelist: Also, installing a calendar with all of my art/craft show attendances and offering a small giveaway to blog readers who visit

craftynovelist: I desperately want to network more with other crafters too. So if any of you have DIYS you’d like me to feature, lemme know

torreybelle: My New Year blogging resolution: finding my niche and posting more regularly

torreybelle: Thanks ladies! Oh and GET ORGANIZED is high on the list. will be inhaling ideas from all of your crafty studios

PosyMosey: I have a new blog that I am launching for my NY resolution. Hopefully it will keep me on track.

Your Best Post of 2010:

infarrantly: What has been your best post? With the most comments?

tabbiecat77: @infarrantly I made a fairy costume for my daughter for Halloween. That got the biggest reaction on my blog

makeandtakes: @infarrantly One of my best posts has been for sewing for kids, my easy hooded bath towel does great. So do many of my recipes

infarrantly: @makeandtakes That is funny my hooded bath towel continues to be #1 searched in google. That was 3 years ago

modpodgerocks: My most popular project is painted acorns. I have spent HRS on other projects. And people LOVE the painted acorns

clumsycrafter: the Ruffle Wreath was my first big project to get a lot of attention. Still love it.

kpwerker: @infarrantly My post with most comments: when I announced I was leaving Interweave Crochet 2 years ago. So supportive!

condoblues: @modpodgerocks My most popular projects are insulated roman shades and sugar scrubs.

madiganmade: Best posts/comments? my diy/craft projects. Funny how some of my fav post got the least comments

dollarcraft: My most popular post of all time: Alien Abduction Lamp

LaraEllieG: I was kind floored with over 300 comments for a silly Christmas printable poster! Who knew? People love Buddy the Elf!

aisletoaloha: Wow, just checked & this is my most popular post by FAR! Ppl love Bulk trash bf & afters! 😉

torreybelle: The Happy Meal Ornament tutorial was a big hit.

infarrantly: @torreybelle Thanks yes everyone liked that. the biggest this year was my game board art…

cottagemagpie: My most successful two posts have been my pillow cover tutorial and my from-scratch No-Bake Cheesecake (it’s YUMMO)

hiyaluv: many comments for my candy corn wreath tutorial! so yummy!

madiganmade: Most comments: on my shopping bag holder /Most viewed: DIY creamware

SouthernRhoda: @dollarcraft Here’s one of my most popular projects!

infarrantly: My Roadkill Rescue posts are by far my most popular. That is kinda of a signature IC trademark and I love it.

kpwerker: @dollarcraft Here’s link to my most commented-on post: & most popular project post:

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