Blog Organization: Where Do You Store All Your Craft Projects?

i'm embarrassed to say this is from my office - heather

You made it. You photographed it. You blogged it. Now what do you DO with it? When crafts are done, what do you do with them? Do you keep them, give them away, sell them or toss them? Find out what our #crafterminds do with their crafts after they’ve been blogged. Some of their answers might shock you!

From our #crafterminds chat 12/27:

Craft Storage??

eCelebrating: Do you keep everything you make? Where do you store it all?

modpodgerocks: @eCelebrating I keep my favorites. My apt is a storage unit.

dollarcraft: oh man. (my office is groaning w/crafts) [see photo!!]

hiyaluv: i can’t possibly keep it all. i would be a hoarder. i have to give it away

jenjentrixie: I give a lot away as gifts!

infarrantly: I give my crafts away and then I people ask to see it and I have to take them to my blog because I never keep anything

SouthernRhoda: @infarrantly That surprises me that y’all don’t keep your crafts, I thought you would, to use at home?!

modpodgerocks: My boyfriend keeps telling me to sell my projects – BLOG and Etsy? And job? I just can’t. So they sit there.

cottagemagpie: @modpodgerocks I think about (or even attempt) to open a store about once a year. It never works. I don’t have time!

dollarcraft: @modpodgerocks I give some crafts away, throw some away, and a lot of them sit in piles of clutter #ugh

condoblues: @SouthernRhoda What I don’t craft for my dog, usually ends up as gift.

LaraEllieG: What if I admit to making how-to “gift” posts and then never giving them to anyone? And possibly trashing several…LAZY!

dollarcraft: @cottagemagpie @modpodgerocks I would rather make & write tutorials than sell my stuff!!

makeandtakes: I tried to sell crafts and it wasn’t worth it. I LOVE to give out free tuts!!

dollarcraft: Me too! My shop is my free blog

cottagemagpie: I keep coming back to that, too!!

SouthernRhoda: Ya’ll surprise me with trashing or getting rid of your crafts. Couldn’t do that after spending time.Prob. why I don’t do many!

clumsycrafter: @cottagemagpie I don’t… you should see my craft shelves in the garage. oh my. I would post it but it’s embarrassing

What do YOU do with your crafts?

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