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Managing your time isn’t as fun as wasting it, but you will feel a lot more fulfilled and less frustrated if you use a few simple means to discipline yourself. Nobody likes to think about discipline – it isn’t fun! Nevertheless, discipline is one sure way to grow (your blog, and yourself!). If you are feeling frustrated with time management, take time to read this chat transcript and get some tips for managing your time instead of letting it manage you.

In this week’s chat, we recommended the following tips for managing your time:

  • A timer is your best friend: set a timer for 15 minutes or so (15 to clean, 15 to blog, 15 to cook, 15 to play with kids, etc.) to keep things balanced and make sure you take care of everything you need to. When it beeps, move on to the next thing.
  • A blog calendar: Plan out your posts! it could be a day in advance, a week, a month. Do what works for you. BUT PLAN! (Beckie plans hers one week in advance.)
  • Schedule out your posts: Use the scheduling option on your blog to schedule posts for later. When you have extra time, write one or two posts for later.
  • Use plugins or add-ons on your blog to integrate social media (twitter, facebook, etc.). Heather likes Tweet Old Post for her WordPress blog because it tweets a link to old projects several times a day. That way, if she skips a day on Twitter, her account is still connecting her readers to her site. You can also use social media clients like HootSuite to manage multiple social media accounts at once.
  • Be realistic when planning: crafting takes time, so does photography, photo editing, and writing a post. Schedule twice as much time as you think you’ll need, and always have a few quick posts up your sleeve for when you don’t have enough time (roundups, links to other bloggers, etc.). Try not to overly optimistic about how long things take. If you actually time how long everything takes you would be shocked!
  • Use a blogging client: You will shave time off the process of posting if you use a blogging client like Windows Live Writer or ScribeFire (a Firefox plugin).

Remember, these are just tips – make them work for you. Don’t be put off by the word DISCIPLINE. If you want to avoid chaos you need to plan. We know it goes against your crafty nature. Ours too. But successful bloggers plan!

Try this week living on a schedule with blogging. If you hate it – throw it out the window.

A few random tips:

@dollarcraft: If u have a real prob w/social media time sucks, install blocker – locks internet at certain times of day
@jenjentrixie: I use google calendar and would be lost without. It syncs with my phone.
@dollarcraft: A huge time saver for me: a daily TO DO list with top 3 things on it!
@iheartBCD: When blogging becomes a chore you know you need to change something! Time management is usually the answer
@madiganmade: keep a running list of ideas in ur calendar and pencil in ideas 4 a few weeks away. Shift them around as needed
@iheartBCD: Include your kids in a project next to you…helps with the guilt!
@crafterminds: In my insane blog calendar (I will post it this week) I have a section for projects. I write down everything I need 2 purchase
@rhondarowley: Keeping my supplies organized helps keep my time organized. Less time spent hunting, more time spent crafting!
@iheartBCD: I’ve also learned to kindly say no to tons of blogging invites. Sad I know but my life is so much more manageable.
@crafterminds: Have realistic goals of how long a project will take. My way: double the time you think it will take. And that is realistic.
@CreativeKristi: a good time saver if uR on wp is use post template plugin.your signature, facebook/twitter/subscribe links R inserted for u!
@rhondarowley: Nice article series on automating social media:
@iheartBCD: I like to craft two to three projects 1 after the other then upload all the photos and blog them all at the same time.
@dollarcraft: If some aspect of blogging is a chore, eliminate it. Try to keep it as fun as possible.
@crafterminds: RT @beneathmyheart: I only link to parties if I have the time to view other entries. Not fair to link up and not visit
@attemptingaloha: Scheduling my meals help me SOOO much, too…gives me more time to blog…less staring at freezer.
@dollarcraft: Take at least one day a week OFF of your blog (and pref. the computer) RT @shabchiccottage any other life-changing ideas?
@dollarcraft: Disciplining yourself is tough when you’re creative, but when you have systems in place, u can be MORE creative where it really counts
@iheartBCD: Help each other by pressing tweet this, FB this, Stumble upon! We can help each other grow!

And next week, we are talking about FAMILY and balancing work and home! Being organized is one step to maintaining balance.

@jenjentrixie: Being organized goes against my nature, but it’s the only way I can balance blogging and my family life.
@vintagerevivals: I saw a quote that said “It doesnt matter where you have success if you fail at home” I have to recite it everyday
@attemptingaloha: @vintagerevivals “No other success can compensate for failure in the home” David O. McKay

If you missed our chat, please refer to the transcript below.  It was speedy, and there’s so much good information!  Don’t forget to link up your Twitter account if you participated at this entry.

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@condoblues: @kassarie I use Hootsuite to schedule Facebook updates & Tweets.
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