Why I blog: Infarrantly Creative

hopeful by Sodahead

image: by Sodahead

At this week’s #crafterminds, we challenged everyone to write down on paper the 5 goals they had for their blogs in 2011. Have you written your list yet? If so, go ahead and post it  (or a link to it) here in the comments for us! If not, please schedule in a fifteen minute slot somewhere in your week to think about it (you can even do it in the bathroom. I won’t tell!)

I also want to know why you blog! I would love to see a post (or a series of posts) about why you blog! If you write one, please send/post the link for us, too!

Beckie at Infarrantly Creative (one of our craft blogging experts) is posting a series at her blog about why she blogs. Find out more about her blogging story!

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