5 Ways To Increase Pageviews

This next Monday at 4PM EST we are having our Crafterminds chat regarding increasing traffic to your craft blog.  We all work hard on our projects and we want people to see it right?  Here are some great ways to get your project a little more mileage.

1.  Linky Parties – There are many people who host weekly linky parties.  Obviously the larger the hosting blog is the better chance you have at getting page views.  Also the closer you are to linking up to #1 spot the more page views you get.  Please make sure you follow the rules of each party.  There are a ton of them to choose from.  Click here to see a pretty exhaustive list of linky parties.

2. Feature Sites – There are a few places to submit your projects to in order to get traffic to your site.  The sites I am talking about are the ones who feature other people’s tutorials, Here are the ones I use:

Tip Junkie, One Pretty Thing, IShare Crafts, Craftgawker, Make & Takes Spotlight, Ucreate Crafts, Mod Podge Rocks (for decoupage projects), Dollar Store Crafts (for crafts using Dollar store materials), Knock Off Decor (knock off catalog projects). Here is another article on sites to submit content to.

3.  Tweet it Out – If I have an original tutorial I tweet it out three times in a 24-hour period, 8 hours apart from one another.  Everyone is on twitter at different times due to time zones and schedule.  Plus once your tweet is out it gets buried under all the other people who twitter users follow. If your project gets tweeted out at different times during the day you have more of a chance of getting people to retweet and then view your project. This is where programs like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are great because you can schedule out your tweets.

4.  Facebook – I don’t Facebook out my project more than once a day on my own page because that could be deemed annoying.  However I think critically through each post. What materials did I use to create my project? Where did I buy my materials? Most companies have Facebook pages and love to hear when you created something using their products.

I will use Krylon as an example. I use their spray paint at least once a week. When I have a project using their spray paint my Facebook message will look something like this.

Created a Valentine’s Countdown Board using the bright cherry red spray paint from @KrylonKrafts. (and of course my link is attached to it as well).

Note: You have to be following them on Facebook in order for this to work.

So then my Facebook message appears on their Facebook fan page. Most companies love getting more messages out there and you, in turn, receive some page views.

5.  Social Bookmarking Sites – There are several social bookmarking sites out there.  The ones I use the most are Pinterest and Stumble Upon. Read an article about Pinterest here and an article about StumbleUpon here.

Now these are just 5 ways to increase your traffic. Obviously great content, blogging consistently, and guest posting on larger blogs also helps. But the above five ways are things you can do daily to help increase that traffic. We hope to see you every Monday at 4PM EST at #crafterminds for our weekly chats on topics just like this one.

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14 Responses to “5 Ways To Increase Pageviews”

  1. Michelle L. says:

    Thanks, Beckie, these are so helpful! Need to get onto some of these great tips!

  2. Thanks so much, Beckie, for all the great tips! I’ve just recently gotten more active on Stumbleupon, and I love it! I can sit there all night and find great content!

    I also love Amplify. Particularly because it allows you to link up a lot of other sites at once – Twitter, FB, Bing, etc. Only issue is I need to reduce my feeds down to just one so I’m not bombarding everyone from different angles!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Loved the chat today ladies! thanks for the info!

  4. Mary says:

    Could you explain how you submit a project to the blogs you mentioned? Do you email them, comment, what is the best way to do this?

    Silly me I thought they probably just found great projects around blogland and showed them off.

    • amy says:

      Hi Mary – The best way is to send an e-mail! You just have to be patient in waiting for a response because sometimes it takes some of us awhile to get through our e-mail. 😀 I like e-mails that are along the lines of “Dear Amy, I enjoy reading your blog . . . I have a project that I think your readers might like . . . here’s a picture of the finished project.” You can flush it out a bit more of course, but that is the gist.

      Another thing to remember is not to get your feelings hurt if the project is not featured on the person’s blog. There are a variety of reasons why someone can’t feature, a lot having to do with certain projects that the blogger is looking for at a certain time – also sometimes calendars are full. Just keep that in mind! 😀

  5. Debi Beard says:

    I wanted to say, thank you for article and for providing this great resource. Ever since I started my DIY channel on YouTube I have been searching for ways to get more views and share my ideas with a bigger audience.
    How awesome that you summed up all this info and put it one place! I read every word of this article and have begun submitting my tutorials.
    I am curious about twitter, I have an account but never use it… I guess because I’m not sure I understand it, and I thought it was mostly for teens and twenty something age group… what does twitter provide that Facebook does not?

  6. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the information and to ask if you would add my Wednesday linky party to your list? It is called The Shady Porch – Rock ‘N Share. I’ve added the “Tools Are For Women Too” party to the linky roster on my blog! I’ve never partied there and I’m looking forward to it! Thanks again.

  7. Awesome tips! Especially number 4 – I had never thought of that before!!! Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. Always looking for more exposure!

  9. Great tips!!! May I also add another feature site? for room tours!

  10. Grayson says:

    Hi! I’ve done all methods above but nothing seemed to be working for me. Social doesn’t seem to work for my niche. I was thinking about doing PPC to get some pageviews. However, with my niche, I am afraid it will cost me a lot. Any tips you can give will be greatly appreciated.


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