8 Reasons to Comment On My Blog

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I’m not fishing for comments, I promise. But there are some great reasons why you should comment on my (or other bloggers’) blogs. It doesn’t just make ME feel good, it allows me to help you out. How?

1. If you comment on my blog, I am likely to remember your name after two or three comments.

If you care about other bloggers knowing who you are, then commenting on their blogs more than once will start to get their attention. One comment is a one-hit wonder. I won’t remember Siouxsie Craftr’s name if she says “Cool!” on one of my blog posts once and never peeps again. If Siouxsie gives me a sentence or two (and best practice is to tell me something only she can tell me, with a personal detail if possible), I’m more likely to take notice. If she comments with a meaningful comment a time or three, I will probably click through to her blog or twitter account and check it out.

2. If you comment on my blog to tell me you made one of my projects, I will click over and look at your site.

While I’m at your site, I will take note of the following things: can you take a decent picture? Do you have several tutorials? If the answer to both of these things is yes, and one of your tutorials fits my niche (dollar store crafts), I am fairly likely to link to you. And that link to you means good traffic to your site. Which means:

3. If you comment on my blog, you might get featured on my blog.

If I see something I like on your site, I will link to it. If you didn’t comment, I am less likely to find your project. If I link to you, you might reap a windfall of traffic:

4. If you comment on my blog, you might reap a windfall of traffic.

You comment on my blog. I click on your name and check out your site. I see something I love. I share it on my site. You get traffic from my site, and then:

5. If you comment on my blog and I link to you, others might link to you too.

You got the initial bump in traffic from my site, but the new people who visited you might also link to your project (especially if it’s a really good one). Also, I like to share links with my friends (many of whom also have highly-trafficked blogs). So,

6. If you comment on my blog, I visit you, I like your tutorials but they don’t work for my site, I will likely pass a link along to my friends who might feature you.

The number one thing that thrills me most about craft blogging is the sheer act of creativity. If you did a good project that deserves recognition, I will try to get it for you. I am 40% more likely to try to get recognition for you if you are nice to me (commenting is a visible way of being nice!) Why? Because you’ll be one of “my people” and I like to do things for my people.

I know people with even bigger blogs than mine, and I have, on MANY occasions, passed along good links to them. Those links have then been featured. Sometimes those links lead to linkage on even bigger sites. Multiple sites.

7. If you like a project of mine more than others, and you take time to comment, I will know I’m on the right track. I will give you more posts like the one you enjoyed.

If I don’t hear anything, then I know that a craft wasn’t the right fit for my site, and I won’t pursue that line of crafting.

8. If you comment on my blog, I might give you a job.

Yes. It happens. You write a good comment, I check out your site and find out you are a freelance writer, or you have some skill with crafting, photography, and writing tutorials. Because you commented, you’re now on my radar. I might ask you to guest post, freelance for me, or maybe even more than that. Once you start writing for me, you have opportunities to write for others (plus, you’re adding to your portfolio!)

Now that you’ve taken a peek behind the curtain and seen the kind of glamorous life your comments could live, you should be inspired to take thirty seconds to write a good sentence or two next time you see a great project.

So, can I get a comment?

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76 Responses to “8 Reasons to Comment On My Blog”

  1. Great advice, as always! Waay back when (ok, it was just July) – I started to comment on other blogs and noticed an increase in my own blog traffic.
    I’ve ‘met’ some really great bloggers and found new blogs by interacting with my readers who comment.
    Comments are ‘win, win’ for everyone. (and who doesn’t like a nice comment?)

  2. That is great advice! I only have recently started commenting on people’s blog posts. It may get your name/blog out there, but it really does make people’s day! Like you mentioned above, if you comment on posts/projects that you love…most of the time, more posts like that are made.

  3. Melissa P says:

    I think of commenting as one way to show appreciation for the time and creative energy a blogger has put into their post and project. It’s easy to read and move on without any acknowledgment. Taking time for thoughtful comments shows genuine interest and gives helpful feedback. I agree with all your reasons. So…here I am commenting. 🙂 Thanks for pointing out some of the overlooked obvious.

  4. ok. i have nothing to add, but i couldn’t read your post and NOT comment. thanks for saying it all!

  5. Julie Kirk says:

    An interesting reminder that it really is worth the effort to leave a comment sometimes. But also good to be reminded that the blogger on the other side is actual interested in the commenter as a person … and not just as ‘traffic’. 🙂

  6. This is an EXCELLENT post! I found myself nodding with each stated reason. I love receiving comments, so I make a point of leaving thoughful, genuine comments for others (that go beyond “Hi, cute blog.”). Over the past year or two, I have seen this help my own blog out time and time again. Being a kind, gracious blogger is a good thing for you and others!!

    I Stumbled this post, and I plan on featuring it tomorrow with some of my other favorite posts of the week. Thanks for sharing!

  7. J. Hill says:

    I can vouch for this article. Commenting on DSC was how I started (before I even had a blog) and the whole snowball effect that Heather wrote about came true. Now Mad in Crafts gets over 6000 unique visitors a month.

    Plus, everybody likes mail.

  8. I’m going to share this great article about blogging on FB and TW, the points you make Heather are so very true. Someone left me a comment with an award the other day and although I never carry the award palaver, I always thank them for doing so. I spotted on her post two lovely layouts about Brenda Pinnick. I run a blog about her range, basically a fan page blog about her products so I featured her layouts in a new post…so yes if you leave a meaningful comment and sometimes it can be just a few time, I will get curious and check your profile and your blog(s). I need to remind myself for the crafterminds weekly chat, I keep missing it ! 🙂

  9. Those are fantastic tips…I’ve never thought about it that way!

    I love learning new thing!

    Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  10. Christine says:

    Leaving meaningful comments is good karma. I greatly appreciate comments that are left by authors who have obviously read my post.

  11. I totally agree. I believe my blog has grown over a short time because I make an effort to connect with the person and their work and not just make a quick one liner and leave. I want to treat them as a person and for them to see me as a person. This has encouraged me to be more brave however to comment on the “Biggies” as I call them. I sometimes figure they have so many comments why should I bother, but this is good. They have successful blogs because they know what they are doing, leaning into them only seems wise! Thanks!

  12. Sheila Tatum says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize posting comments was a benefit for the Commenter as well as the Publisher. I love commenting on blogs but never thought about it the way you have explained it. Thanks for the information and insight. I will certainly keep this in mind as I visit many wonderful sites.

  13. Sherry says:

    A year ago I stumbled upon Blog Land, although most became daily reads for me I wouldn’t leave a comment. I don’t know why but that has changed, not because I now have my own blog instead I realized that it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there for all to see and some kind of recognition and/or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. It’s a good feeling to know that others like what you do or are interested in what you have to say! Not to long ago I opened my email to find a Blogger’s Award, I can’t describe the overwhelming emotions that followed, I can say that it brought tears to my eyes and a smile all at once! Thanks for such great advice!

  14. Plus, it makes you feel like somebody’s actually *there* and reading what you wrote! A little affirmation really helps when you’re pouring yourself into a project as vulnerable as a blog.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I would feel bad about reading this article and not leaving you a comment! lol…
    I used to be so good at leaving comments, but now… not so much! This is my vow to do better! 🙂

  16. This is such a great article!! I feel exactly the same way when people leave comments for me – but it’s also a great reminder to make sure I make the effort to do the same – especially outside my list of blogs I always check. Thanks so much for the reminders!!

  17. amy says:

    Brilliant post Heather! I love it.

  18. Kate says:

    Since I started blogging myself I have been trying toleave more comments – because now I know what they mean to the blogger! I often read on my phone so commenting can be kind of a pain though, and I often don’t comment as much on larger blogs because I figure one more comment doesn’t matter. Thanks for the reminder that it does!

  19. Elizabeth P says:

    I really appreciate comments on my blog because then I feel I have done something meaningful. Stats can’t tell you as much as a few well placed words. I try to answer all comments that go beyond a couple of words, and I have a couple of followers that are very good at that, so I show my love by letting them know I heard what they said. I also like to talk to my readers like we’re sitting down with a cup of coffee, and let them know if something is going to take me away for a few days. Right now I’m a giveaway collector, alot of folks would enter giveaways if they had the time to find them, and it gives those companies a little bit more exposure. I’ve retooled my blog a couple of times, and hope to move into a more “full-service” blog. Thanks for all the info you pass on to folks like me..

  20. [email protected] says:

    Hi, I’m visiting over from [email protected] Now’s blog. I love this post, I’ve been pouring over blogs, articles & newsletters for a little over a month now at how to expand my blog & business attached to it & the one thing that keeps resonating with me is the commenting. My blog is *very* small but I know I always appreciate a good comment so why wouldn’t I do the same for someone else? Thanks for such a great post! Take care, ~Nadir

  21. Holly says:

    Great points! We all love comments; it lets us know somebody is there and (hopefully) likes what they see. I guess if I didn’t care, my blog would be private.

  22. I love comments and I have tried to be better about leaving real “I am paying attention” comments for other bloggers. It is nice to have the feedback and know that you are making a connection. Popped over from Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading party and I am so glad she listed your post as one of her favorites for this week so that I found you!

  23. Amanda from Serenity Now posted the link to this article, and I am so glad she did. It is pretty much common sense, but I think because blogging is so new to so many people, they don’t realize the two way conversation that is really going on. I follow a blogger who said specifically she doesn’t not leave comments, too lazy she says, but promised she reads a lot of her readers blogs. Which I think that is just rude. It is like having a one way conversation, and she is the topic. Thanks for letting me leave a comment 🙂

  24. I agree completely. I’m definitely not a big blog, but I know that I spend a lot of my time looking at the blogs of people who have left comments for me. Usually, if someone likes my project enough to stop and leave a comment on it they are going to have something on their blog that I’m going to like. Those are often the blogs I end up following. What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Christy says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Sometimes I think people who don’t blog don’t realize how much goes into each post and how much it means to get comments. It kinda makes me sad when a post of mine doesn’t even get one comment, especially if it’s craft or DIY related. But on the other hand, I guess that is just telling me it wasn’t one of my best projects or something people were really interested in seeing!

  26. Ok…so I guess I will comment! 😉 You are right…it is about getting your name and face known. And what blogger doesn’t love some kind flattery? It is all about exposure.

    Though a crafterminds follwer, linked over via Amanda @ Serenity Now.

  27. Doreen says:

    Thanks for the bloggng tips. There is so much creative wealth out there! The hours fly by when I’m having fun hopping from blog to blog. It’s a full time (unpaid) job trying to keep up with all the wonderful craftiness.

  28. Excellent article!!! I just started my own blog one year ago next week. I really, really enjoy visiting “people” at their blogs. We live out in the country and there aren’t a lot of opportunities to meet other SAHMs. The amazing women that I have met in blogland have become dear friends, mentors, sisters in Christ. We have encouraged one another and been there for each other. I have even talked to a few on the phone. One sent a gift of some great vitamins to help my husband when he was very sick this winter.

    I believe that God teaches us to be an encouragement to one another and build up one another so that we can better serve our family and our communities. Commenting is a GREAT way to do that! I love it when people comment and I love leaving comments and everything you said rings so true to my experience!

    Thanks for this post!

    visiting from Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy reading party

    Mary Joy

  29. Dawn says:

    I am fairly new to blogging and just this week I received my first comments from people that were not from either a. My best friend or b. My immediate family. 😀 You would’ve thought I had won the lottery by how excited I got.

    It was such an encouragement to keep on writing. Great post – thanks!

  30. amy cornwell says:

    Thanks for sharing – great list! I agree that commenting on other blogs increases traffic and I’m always glad when someone comments on my blog. I’ve found new blogs to follow that way too. Thanks again!

  31. Such good stuff! I’m so glad that I found you (through Twitter) because everything you blog about is really helpful so thanks for that!! 🙂

  32. LOL!

    I love this! We all like comments and your post here just tells it like it is. Ultimately, comments let us know people are listening and that they care about what we are sharing, doing, showing, etc, and none of us would be doing this “blog thing” if we didn’t want to connect! I was encouraged to be an avid “commenter” from Stephanie @ Metropolitan Mama. She is so heartfelt and purposeful in connecting with her readers and that was an inspiration to me. Thanks for being so real here!! I was inspired and encouraged…truly!

    I am visiting you via Amanda @ Serenity Now. Gotta love some linky love too!

  33. Love it! I am going to include a link to this in my weekend links post.

    I think sometimes people who blog forget that other people love comments just as much as they love them on their own blogs. I try to go check out the blogs of people who comment on mine as much as possible. I have found a lot of great blogs that way. 🙂

  34. Jill says:

    Great article! Commenting is always worth while. I know I love getting them, and I usually end up making new friends!

  35. This headline for this post in my email was great. It was one of the few i clicked on in my email box. Plus, great advice. Whenever i check my email stats, i notice alot of traffic coming from sites where i leave comments on. The more interesting response you leave, the more clicks you seem to get too. So, i always try to leave a well thought out message or something very thoughtful. p.s. Ill be sure to put up some tutorials on how to make some really cute sleeping masks on my site.

    Bonsoir xoxoxxoxoxo

  36. What a well-written post. Thanks so much for the good advice and reminders. I can’t wait to read more on your site!

  37. Tina says:

    I saw all your tweets and had to come take a look. Thanks for all the tips on your blog. I need to take a good look around!

  38. Comments are like gold. Thank you for this timely post. I just started my blog over the weekend and this is great advice.

  39. Mrs. B says:

    Thank you for this blog. I am new, really new to the blogging world and I am finding out the more I reach out, the more traffic I get. Thanks for spelling it out for me and others!

  40. Lisa Jordan says:

    Right on point! I love getting comments on my blog. It makes me feel like I’m talking to real people who get me. Regular commenters start to feel like friends after a while.

    I agree with Mary @ Many Little Blessings, that some blog writers forget the give and take (me, sometimes). While it’s wonderful to get comments we need to be mindful to leave them too. You never know what you might gain from a reciprocal blog visit.

  41. Thanks very much for this great article;this is the kind of thing that keeps me on track through out these day. I have been looking around for this site after asked to visit them from a colleague and was thrilled when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being a demanding blogger, I’m blessed to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my approval for your blog as it is very energizing, and many writers do not get credit they deserve. I am sure I’ll visit again and will recommend to my friends.

  42. Shirl L says:

    I saw your post from another post, and the heading simply caught my attention. And so I’m here to read more, and simply couldn’t leave without leaving you a comment 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  43. Caroline says:

    Great post! I use flipboard to browse posts, but whenever I read something I’ve found interesting and enjoyed reading, I always click through and leave a comment. I’ve only just started blogging again after a good year break, I got a warm fuzzy feeling with a first comment today … A nice word really does make someones day.

    Caroline x

  44. Tia says:

    I’m a young beginner blogger. I enjoy it, but have no time or readers. I hope one day to keep it up. I will definitely comment more to get my blog out there. Thanks!!

  45. Hi – recently found your blog & love it! This post really struck a chord with me…I’ve had folks say to me recently “I love your blog, I read it all the time!” and I thought really? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comment from that person. It’s hard to know folks are out there & what they think of a post if they don’t talk to us. I’m going to link to your post in an upcoming post of mine! thanks!

  46. Lisalulu says:

    Just found your blog through this post and man o man, I’ll have to check this out tonight when I have more time…… thanks for the information. This is all logical but with big arrows on WHAT TO DO!!! thanks

  47. Jen says:

    I had a quilting/patchwork/sewing blog and was impressed by the massive commenting on my blog and all the others I would visit.

    Now I maintain a Digital Scrapbooking blog and have had very few comments (even on posts with freebies). I would take it personally except I see the same thing on really, really popular Digital Scrapbooking blogs.

    It makes me so curious about why one craft is so comment friendly and another is so unfriendly.

  48. Great advice….I am guilty of being in a hurry and not always commenting on blogs I read daily. I am aware of the importance and I am sad when others don’t comment on my blog:( Guilty. thanks for the kick in the pants.

  49. Great post. I connected via A Girl w/ a Glue Gun. I love this post because 1) comments motivate. I like to know what my readers think 2) comments draw connections. Thanks for the comment inspiration…I spend one night a week doing my “blog homework” and this by far is one of the best learning tools I’ve come across in awhile. Thanks! Liz

  50. Wow, what a great post! I agree about everything. There have been so many times that a comment has caught my eye and I had to click over and check out who left it. Or times where I notice a newbie commentor on my blog and feel the urge to check them out. I have meet so many wonderful bloggers, and found so many amazing blogs, and shops this way! I have always wondered if anyone else did the same thing.
    So its very cool to see this article and know that others do that to. 🙂

  51. Imy says:

    I am always trying to get people to comment so this article grabbed my attention. I spend a good deal of talking to myself it seems but at least I get it all off my chest! I will take note and definitely get commenting on other people’s blogs more. I guess you have to give to receive!

  52. There’s nothing worse than working hard on what you think is something fun or useful only to be met by the cricket chorus.

    I try to leave comments when and where I can, but I can’t quite bring myself to do so if it’s just to say, “Cute!” I may tweet or stumble it, though.

  53. margaux says:

    — and I should have read this post first 🙂 will do my best to give and receive!

  54. Keren Duchan says:

    Words of the wise. Here I am commenting… 😀 Going to read previous entries, maybe there’s something I can make.

  55. June Scott says:

    I’m new to blogging and have noticed that commenting on other blogs greatly increases my blog traffic. It also builds relationships and all those other wonderful things you mentioned above!

  56. love all these reasons- so now i’m commenting! great blog

  57. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for such a helpful article! you’re so right- what goes around comes around and it’s so easy when most people you find in blogland are super lovely and enthusiastic people. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am when someone finds my humble projects useful or helpful. This article reminds me, I need to get out there and comment some more! Cheers.

  58. Anke says:

    Thanks for this kick in the butt, it’s really important to interact with your visitors. And as someone who really loves comments on my own blog posts (*hint, hint*), I try to comment on others’ content, too. Now I realize that during the complete re-design of my homepage I neglected this important fact.

  59. Tamika says:

    this is a great post. I am just getting started and this was very helpful to me.

  60. Madge says:

    Look ma, I’m commenting! Thanks for all of the sage advice, it’s greatly appreciated!

  61. Penny Arnold says:

    I found this site though a pinboard, and then I re-pinned it to mine I have been reading several of your articles here, and found them to be informative and very helpful. I know this is an older post and you may not see it but I was wondering how long blog posts should be in length before they are considered “too long”? Also I have been trying hard to follow up with comments for who ever takes the time to comment on my blog, but often it takes a while for their blogs to load, is there a polite way to tell someone that if they removed the music and other features from their blogs, you would visit more often? Thanks for your help. Love Penny

  62. Penny Arnold says:

    I forgot to post my blog address! It’s here if you have a minute, I have a lot of altered items on this post: and a lot of frugal tips for scrapbooking also. Like this one It shows how I took apart a ladies belt to make medallions for my scrapbook pages. Thanks Love Penny

  63. Megan says:

    Wow. I am amazed at all the useful information you have on this site! I think you just became my one stop shop for blogging info. I feel a little bit (ok, a lot) clueless and have SO much to learn, so I plan to soak up as much as I can make sense of. I really like the way your information is organized too! Very easy to navigate. I’m so glad I found you!

  64. Pam says:

    How could I read this and NOT comment!!! When I began blogging, I knew I’d have to overcome my natural shyness and comment on other blogs. I suppose it’s a bit like being at a party. If I stand in a corner and say nothing, it’s unlikely that anyone will come and talk to me… well, maybe a couple of nice people. I had to make the effort and am so glad I did! The more I join in, the more fun I have.

  65. Chloe says:

    I know you wrote this many, many months ago and I’m only now reading it but I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for encouraging us bloggers to reach out to each other. I spend a lot of time trying to write quality posts with the hopes that they will be read and love when a post inspires a reader to comment but for some reason I’ve been too shy to comment on other blogs. Your post definitely makes me rethink my shyness!

  66. This makes a lot of sense. Thank you for posting this great article.
    I’m just starting blogging, and am really shy. I’ve been guilty of reading several blogs, but being afraid to post a comment for fear I’ll sound cliche, or just say something dumb.

    I’m going to try to be a better blog friend now, and start commenting. Thanks!

  67. Ang says:

    As I am starting out my blog, this was very helpful information. I never thought just commenting on others blogs would be so important. I am learning that the DIY blogging community is a very supportive group that I am excited to become a part of.

  68. Great advice! I’m a lifelong crafter and aspiring blogger, so thank you so much for breaking it down!

  69. Debbie says:

    Thanks for this post! I found you via It’s So Very Cheri’s article and it makes a lot of sense. I try to comment on every post I read (try to!) because I feel it’s common courtesy to do so. I’ve been blogging just under a year and have learned so much in that time through bloggers such as yourself!
    Thank you, off to discover more tips and tricks I see on your blog.
    Debbie 🙂

  70. Interesting thoughts! 😉


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