Are Your Blog Stats Down?

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 If you are a blogger, at some point you should follow your stats.  This can be done with an analytics tool such as Google Analytics (which is what I use), but there are also a variety of other tools . . . which I will address in another article.  This article is specifically about craft blogging, and about the ups and downs you may experience in your statistics over a year period.

First of all, this is completely normal.

I want to assure you that your blog WILL be up some months and then down others – and if this doesn’t or hasn’t happened to you, you are very lucky.  The reason for the jumps is the crafting industry itself, which has spikes at key times around and before holidays.  Let me show you a great example:

This is a very simple graph, courtesy of a large crafting website (which will go unnamed) that has been online for over four years.  The site has a lot of visitors and posts inspirational projects every single day.  Do you notice that unique visitors decrease when the children get out of school?  Did you also notice that Christmas/holiday crafting starts around October?  Furthermore, February is a slump month – not too much, but definitely enough to make a difference.

Remember that your blog topic has a big impact on whether your pattern is similar to the above.  Do you write about home decor, design or cooking/recipes?  Your stats might be  different.  It may be worthwhile for you to map out your last few years if you are an established blogger, or ask an established blogger about their patterns if you are a newbie.  No numbers need be shared – it can be as simple as asking if someone else was down if you had a bad month and are wondering why.

No matter what your numbers are, I hope this graph re-assures you.  There are obviously things that you can do to influence your statistics in both the positive and negative direction, but even without those, there is likely going to be a natural flow to your visitors.  Don’t panic!  Just keep doing the wonderful things that you are doing.  I’m curious – what does your pattern look like?  Do you see drops and increases similar to the graph above?

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11 Responses to “Are Your Blog Stats Down?”

  1. thank you, thank you! i was wondering what has happened this month.


  2. Elizabeth P says:

    I found out very quickly not to use too many adsense ads on your page. It seems to turn people off – Like – Is this a blog or are they just trying to make money ? And never leave your readers hanging, if you have to slow down your posts, let them know.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only blogger to go through those ups and downs. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  4. Charlotte says:

    What a great post! I have been leaving myself notes for ages to check out Google Analytics, but I’m a little scared of the technology!

    Blue Skies,

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m a big fan of I think they have much better info than google. You can also get emailed reports which makes it easy to keep up with daily activity.

  6. Mitzi Curi says:

    Aha! Finally, an simple explanation for it all! Thank you, Crafterminds! I am finding you to be a great resource (and realize I need to spend more time reading your posts, because I missed this one somehow).

  7. Oh, thanks so much I was getting a little depressed on my seemingly sudden drop in traffic for May and June, now I know!

  8. Linette says:

    Mine are up this summer by about 5-10% I’m hoping the trend continues.

    • amy says:

      Hey Linette – that’s great! This trend will not apply to all blogs – I’m guessing especially not food blogs, since a lot of people are searching for great summer recipes right now. Congratulations and I hope the trend continues!!

  9. Imy says:

    I don’t like to look at my website stats, they just depress me too much! Good little article though. :0(

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