StumbleUpon Twitter Chat Summary 2/21

Using StumbleUpon can be a complicated topic – luckily our special guest TidyMom (Cheryl) helped de-mystify some of it by being the featured guest at our Twitter chat yesterday.  Thanks Cheryl, we greatly appreciate it!  If you missed the chat, you need to do two things: 1) read Cheryl’s guest article here; 2) read the transcript below.  A big thanks to Cheryl for offering all of her tips and tricks during our Twitter chat!  We’d also like to thank @casabellaproj, @splendidamy, @MommaDanddaboyz, @HoneybearLane and @momendeavors for being our top Tweeters.

PS – If you are looking to be part of the Crafterminds PR support group we are forming, please click here and enter your e-mail address that you use with Facebook.

Crafterminds Chat 2.21

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2 Responses to “StumbleUpon Twitter Chat Summary 2/21”

  1. Amy, this is wonderful! I was a wee bit overwhelmed yesterday at the Twitter Chat. I didn’t know what to ask and if my questions were being answered. I finally opened TweetDeck and then saw responses (another Duh!).

    But now I can take the time to read the great tips offered by all yesterday. Thank you!

  2. Candy Cohn says:

    This is so helpful to me as a new blogger. We now have a nice #craftermind community forming on Stumble Upon, and the support has been amazing already! Thank you!

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