5 Ways to Get Attention

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It’s really hard these days to stand out from the crowd when there are so many blogs and crafting sites dedicated to craft and DIY projects! Here’s some easy tips and tricks for getting your projects featured and linked from other sites. A little extra effort can help take your project from zero (hits) to hero!

5 ways to get your project noticed

by Alexa Westerfield, of The Swell Life

1. Your photos need to shine

I know that you hear this time and time again, but it is true. The prettier the picture, the more likely it will get attention. There really is no excuse these days not to be able to compose a halfway decent photo of your work! If you feel rusty or lack confidence, there are plenty of tutorials and articles on how to take photos, just google it and practice! The more comfortable you get with your camera, the better your photos will be.

Also make sure to style your photo and make it pop with color and style. Sometimes this may mean using a colored background or staging a setup. Don’t just shoot the finished project in your messy workspace! Think of it like your front yard, if you want it to look nice, you have to manicure it. If there are eyesores that you don’t want people to see, you have to remove them!

2. Make it your own

There’s a lot of copycat crafters out there. Yeah, you can make and post the same project that everyone else is doing, but it isn’t interesting if it’s been seen a hundred times over already! Find a way to take that craft idea to the next level and add your own signature twist. You want to create projects that people will have the “Why didn’t I think of that?” response to. And truthfully, this doesn’t have to mean a lot of extra work on a project, sometimes it just means simplifying an idea or using materials in a way no one else has done yet. If you find a clever solution, you will generate buzz for that idea!

3. It’s all in the timing!

People are influenced by trends and are searching for projects based on them. If you can get in on the front end of a trend with a stellar project, you can garner a lot of features and social media attention. By no means do I think you should only do projects based solely on trends. There are ways to infuse your project with a trend while still making it your own signature look. Even make it your goal to spark a trend with your original and style! The sky’s the limit in this crazy online world!

Another way to generate buzz is to focus on pop-culture/current events and incorporate them into your craft. Last year, I did a Snooki Pumpkin with a poof that made it all the way to Perez Hilton! Part of why it worked is cause she was the hot celeb of the moment and it was funny, humorous and easy for others to do! These types of crafts can get picked up a lot of times by media buzz sites and give you a wider exposure, even to non-crafters!

4. Tags and keywords can make all the difference

If people are searching for your project, what would they type in the search engine? Make sure to think ahead when titling your project and answer this. Also always make sure to tag your post with lots of labels. Don’t be stingy, the more the better (as long as you are keeping the tags totally relevant)! The ultimate goal is for your project to show up on top of search engines and image searches when people type in keywords!

5. Spread the word

This is probably the hardest part about getting noticed. If you really want exposure, you are going to have to put in the legwork and time! Here’s a small list of ways to expose your project to a wider audience:

  • Stumble your project at Stumbleupon or add it to Digg or Reddit
  • Add your project to Flickr, tag it, and add it to related groups
  • Promote it on your Facebook and Twitter networks and your Facebook page. By building relationships with other crafty friends, they can also help you spread the word and help you in your promotion!
  • Share your craft on crafty online communities like Craftster, Etsy forums, Cut out and Keep, Instructables, Ravelry, and Threadbanger.
  • Link up your projects in weekly linky parties on sites like TaterTots and Jello, Skip to my Lou and Blue Cricket Designs!
  • Shoot off an e-mail or tweet (along with a friendly message, of course) to related blogs and sites that specialize in your topic (i.e. cupcakes, geek crafts, green crafts) telling them about your project!

Hope these tips help you in launching your next project! What additional ideas do you have to make your project get attention online?

alexa westerfieldAbout Alexa: Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. “Swelldesigner” is a graphic designer and social media maven for by day and a swell, crafty lady by night. She loves being creative in all ways, from photography and jewelry making, to decorating and trending. She runs the craft/design blog The Swell Life, where she shares DIY projects, photography, inspiring finds, and her passion for all things graphic design. Her work has been featured on Craftzine, CasaSugar, Curbly, Ohdeedoh, Threadbanger, and Discovery Channel’s Planet Green web site.

Photos by Alexa Westerfield

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