Blogging & Tweeting Etiquette & Chat Transcript 3/28

We chatted about Blogging Etiquette on Monday, and things got dramatic. During the chat, the topic of Blogging Etiquette turned to blogging pet peeves, and many chatters weighed in on things they disliked within the craft blogging community. @Crafterminds stepped on some toes during the chat, and we wanted to let everyone know that we are sorry.

Our Apologies

Immediately after the chat was over, I personally contacted the offended party and expressed my apologies that the chat became offensive. In my mind, the matter was settled, and she agreed in her response to my message. Additionally, Beckie, who was moderating the chat as @crafterminds also contacted the offended party and wrote a sincere apology note.

We believe we have made good on our offense. #crafterminds was not the right forum to make any complaints, and we’re sorry we Tweeted anything that could be seen as offensive.

Our Promise to the Craft Community

Crafterminds exists to help craft bloggers (and other bloggers) make sense of blogging and all the opportunities that come their way. We promise that we will keep the #crafterminds chat a friendly and positive place where anyone can come and safely chat about craft blogging. We value crafters of all stripes, whether they be craft designers, craft bloggers, crafty businesspeople, or craft artisans that sell their wares, and welcome them to come join us.

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