Crafting a Blog Mission Statement

If you are going to stand out and be unique within the blogging world it is good to find your voice, passion, and ultimately identify your niche. A blog mission statement is a perfect place to start. Even if you have been blogging for a while it is always a good idea to pause and write a blog mission statement.

Writing a Mission Statement for Your Blog

by Denise, The Cottage Chick

Hello my name is Denise and I am a blogger over at The Cottage Chick. I love to share ideas and inspirations to help others succeed. After our Crafterminds Twitter party this week, Heather asked me to come over and share about why I think its important to make a mission statement for our blogs.

Why Do I Need A Blog Mission Statement?

  • It will keep you focused
  • It will help you provide a quality blog
  • It will remind you of why you are doing what you do when others might tell you otherwise
  • It will help you combat all the outside “noise” of other blogs and keep you away from the compare game that can discourage you
  • It will help you identify why and how you are going to achieve success with your blog

How Do I Write A Blog Mission Statement?

Answer these questions for yourself:

  • 1. Why am I here? (your purpose)
  • 2. Who is my audience? (your potential readers)
  • 3. How will I attract my readers? (social media, types of posts, networking, etsy shop, contributing writer)
  • 4. What do I want to provide? ( core values, ideas, tips, inspiration)
  • 5. What do I want to accomplish with my blog? (income, recreation, ebooks, speaker, magazine, television)
  • 6. What aesthetics do I want to achieve? (clean, pretty, sporty, cute, crafty, homey, modern )
  • 7. What Image do I want to portray? (friendly, informative, helpful, funny, girlfriend, mentor, coach)

Here is an example of how I might answer the above questions.

  • 1. To Inspire and encourage others
  • 2. Creative women
  • 3. Twitter, Facebook, networking, original content, reaching out
  • 4. Quality posts, inspiration for the home, diy projects, simple tips, cheap Ideas
  • 5. Provide income, quality destination, ebooks, author, contributing writer, speaker
  • 6. Inviting, warm, friendly,uncluttered, quality photos, professional
  • 7. Encouraging, helpful, friendly, approachable


From the above list my mission statement might say.

The Cottage Chick was created to inspire and encourage creative women.  We will network with others as much as possible through social media, building community, and always look for new opportunities to reach out.  The Cottage Chick will try to keep the reader in mind with pleasing aesthetics, and quality content. We will do our best to bring budget friendly home decorating, diy projects, tips and ideas to our readers. We will gather others together though link parties, guest posts, and inviting others to join in projects we may do. We will look for new opportunities and future projects that may benefit our readers.  Most of all we will strive to encourage, be approachable, friendly and helpful with others who we come in contact with.

Keep in Mind: When you write a mission statement it isn’t set in stone and can be changed. You can keep your statement private and to yourself.  I personally never show my readers my mission statement, but it is helpful if hiring contributors to your blog so they know your vision. Realize your mission statement may need to be tweaked and re-evaluated annually as your passion or blog direction may change.

A Blog Mission Statement is a winning way to help you identify your niche, stay on track and ultimately be successful!

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