Creating a Media Kit – Making It

Hopefully, you’ve read through “Creating a Media Kit – Part I – Research” already. And, if there were any things that needed acting-on (like adding analytics), you’ve done so. Now that we’ve done research on other media kits, it is time to make some decisions.

Creating a Media Kit – Part II -Making the Kit

by Carolina, Always Expect Moore

What to put in the Media Kit

The first thing you need to do is decide what is going in the media kit. There are lots of options, and I’m not going to use them all, but here are things that you’ll want to consider including:

  • a brief introduction to the blog
  • statistics
  • pageviews and/or visitors
  • facebook page “likes”
  • twitter followers/influence
  • publishing schedule/editorial calendar
  • list of popular posts
  • rankings
  • awards/recognitions

Basic Design of a Media Kit

For my Media Kit, I’ve decided on 2 pages. One data page, and one rate page. I’m splitting these for several reasons:

  • I want a page I can send to the media or potential partners that are non-advertising related
  • I’m not ready for paid advertising yet, and I don’t want to leave a big “blank spot” in the media kit where rate info might go later

I’ve also decided that I want the media kit to be a reflection of my blog. So, I’m starting with the “framework.” You can make yours any way you like. I decided to make mine in Word (yes, seriously). It is easy to use, plus, with a program like Cute PDF, I can turn it into a PDF very easily, and nobody would ever know that I made it in Word. Except all of you. But y’all can keep a secret, right?

So, here is my framework:

blog framework

I used my blog header, and a simple box sidebar. This will become my template – both for my Media Kit as well as my Rate Card when I decide to make one. With a few minor adjustments, this could even become my letterhead if I want it to be… I just love multi-functional design!

Then, I had to start filling it in. I used the sidebar for my statistics. Early on, I had a title in the sidebar that said “Statistics,” but I decided that was just too obvious. Yes, I used my real stats. I would strongly advise against “fudging” your numbers. It is never worth it.

The right-hand side area is used for basic information about the blog, and pictures. I decided to add a list of popular posts at the bottom.

blog media kit

Once you’ve put everything where you want it, making sure to add contact information and the actual URL of your blog, you want to print it out and hand it to someone else. Because in the real world, it might get printed out, and you want to make sure it doesn’t look crummy. You want to hand it to someone else so that they can read it over for typos and grammatical errors.

Once you’re happy with it (or happy enough), you need to convert it to an easily readable document format (like a PDF), and upload it somewhere. I don’t have server space, so I just uploaded mine to google docs. If you use google docs, make sure that you don’t leave the document “private.” You want others to be able to get to it.

Then, add a link to the document somewhere on your blog if you want it public (if you want it private, you don’t even need to upload to the web… but it can come in handy when sharing). You might choose to add a link to your “about me” page. I added a page to my blog that has a link to my newly created Media Kit, as well as my disclosures. Feel free to check it out, with the final version of the Media Kit.

If you decide to print these out to bring to a blog conference (always a good idea) you may want to put together a stapled packet, or a folder, with your full Media Kit. This could include the page we just created, a business card, rate card (if you make one), and any press releases… ooh… press releases… maybe a good topic for another time?

I look forward to seeing all of your finished media kits!


carolina mooreCarolina is a craftin’ wife and mom who blogs over at Always Expect Moore. She’s been sewing, gluing, and creating as long as she can remember, but only blogging about it for the last year. She also has a Bachelors in Advertising, and has worked in advertising and marketing for over a decade, making her ideally suited to help us delve into the world of media kits!
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