Dear Craft Bloggy Know-it-All: Guest Posting & Linking


question markTheTweenMom wrote:

Hi, I LOVE your personal blog and crafterminds too!

I did comment on the “How to be a Tacky Guest Poster” but didn’t ask this question there because I didn’t want to look too new!!

Because, yes, I am GREEN I’m so new!

My question is: how much of a readership should I have established before I ask someone to do a guest post? I understand that guest posting should generate increased readership for the guest blogger, but where’s the line?

I have NO readership at this point, since I’m just starting out and haven’t quite explored all that I need to do… although reading your helpful tips is helping prepare me!!

And, I guess, one more question would be… if I were to do a link to someone else’s blog, do I need to let them know? For instance, it is National Craft Month and I’d love to mention your blogs in a post about NCM. What is appropriate? Can I put your button in my text? Should I? Should I just do a text link? Do I email you and ask to use a photo?

See, I am green! I have been following #savvyblogging and reading all I can, but I’ve never known exactly how to do these things. Currently, I get my photos from, which was mentioned on #savvyblogging, but I don’t know that it would be appropriate to use a crafting picture from that site when I’m talking about your site. Does that make sense?

And I see folks doing posts on their blogs about some of their favorite blogs and would like to do the same, but don’t know the protocol.

If you can answer any or all of these questions, I would be so appreciative. I know you must be very busy with all of your projects and obligations.

Thanks so much! Best wishes!


Hey Paula!

You have a lot of great questions. In short, I would wait before you have a guest poster and just establish your blog’s tone first. Blog for several months before you ask for guest posts. People usually have guest posters because they need to fill out their content but they are short on time (like, they’re going on vacation or having a baby or something), or if they have some kind of theme week going on. There are other reasons, too, but wait until you make some blogging buddies before you ask for guest posters for now.

It’s fine to link to another site and use one of their photos (as long as their site doesn’t have instructions somewhere that say “please do not use my photos for any reason”). Generally, the accepted practice is to say, “hey, I like this project, and here’s why” and post a photo and a link, and calling the site by name is nice, too. If you want an example of how I link to others on Dollar Store Crafts, check this post out: Make a Cutaway Doily Shirt.

You can use a site from stock xchange any way you want.  I always try to send a link to the owner of the photo to tell them how I’ve used their photo when I get one from that site.

My biggest advice for you is to jump in and start writing your blog. The other things will start to fall into place.


p.s. I’m going to repost your question on Crafterminds

photo: licensed from flickr user tj scenes

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