Finding Your Niche – Tips & Transcript

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Finding a Niche sounds like a quick way to put yourself into a box and impose restrictions on your blog, doesn’t it? Not true at all. Finding your niche is just another way for you to be your authentic self (the you-est you you can be.) When your niche is clearly defined, people who like what you have to offer can jump on your fanwagon quickly because they will instantly know what you are all about. In today’s #crafterminds Twitter chat, we talked about ways to figure out what your niche is, and how to communicate that with anyone who stumbles across your website.

How to find your niche in blogging:

  • @SerenityNowGirl: Oh mah word…I feel like Freshman yr of college–everyone else knows their “major” but me. 😉
  • @dollarcraft: Depending on what your plans are for your blog, you might not need to get more specific with your “niche.” BUT, if you are trying to grow your blog (followers, $), having a niche can help achieve goals quicker.
  • @jenjentrixie: It’s true, once I started focusing on crafts/creative projects, my blog grew much faster.
  • @casabellaproj:@SerenityNowGirl Awww, well, My Blessed Life is completely niche-less…frugal lifestyle is what I call it. 🙂
  • @dollarcraft: “frugal lifestyle” is a strong niche concept

Niche doesn’t mean putting yourself in a box.

  • @MuralMaker1:@dollarcraft sometimes having a niche feels limiting/confining/restrained.
  • @dollarcraft: Don’t be afraid to define your niche. Knowing who you are helps u make decisions, appeal to readers
  • @crafterminds: Your niche will define the type of readers you attract. The old saying goes…Birds of a feather flock together.
  • @crafterminds: I think a niche helps define you but TOTALLY veer from your niche once in a while. People love to see that.
  • @dollarcraft: A couple yrs ago, I would have been mad at the person who told me I needed to narrow my focus. The niche thing helps you grow

Niche tells people what they are getting the minute they land on your blog.

  • @dollarcraft: I learned in my craft fair days that nobody likes a table with EVERYTHING on it. They don’t know what to make of it.
  • @dollarcraft: My craft fair table: I dabble, so I included soap, quilts, purses, and zines. NOBODY bought anything. Too much stuff going on
  • @dollarcraft: When my craft table was all soap, nobody bought it because there are too many other soapers, and I didn’t stand out.
  • @dollarcraft: When my blog was general crafty, growth was slow. When I started Dollar Store Crafts, my blog exploded.
  • @OopseyDaisy917: I’ve never liked buffets
  • @attemptingaloha: It’s the same with magazines. I get slightly annoyed when my home decor mags throw in parenting tips.

Niche appeals to people beyond just your own personality.

  • @dollarcraft: If i go to a blog, and see a little of everything, unless she is a spectacular writer/personality, i prob. won’t stick around
  • @crafterminds: Now we are not saying don’t ever interject personal stuff. My blog story and my life story and still some of my #1 posts
  • @thecottagechick: I think its ok 2 diversify once in a while- but make sure the greater percentage is in yr niche & appeals 2 most of yr readers
  • @crafterminds: My readers know me & so when I do something personal they eat it up. Now if I all the sudden did all personal stuff and no projects I might have an uproar!
  • @thecottagechick: Keeping it personal helps the reader identify with you- they want to see some heart behind the blog
  • @MuralMaker1: to me, the whole point of blogging is ‘personal’. That’s why I interject so much of ME into my posts. Otherwise, I’d just do a website and pitch paint projects
  • @Lilbrownhouse: I want a blogger to be personal – makes me feel like I am sitting down with a friend when I read their post.
  • @crafterminds: I would say try to stick to your “niche” or your “you” 70 percent of the time. Your readers need to know what to expect
  • @dollarcraft: It’s fine to include random stuff once in awhile. As long as it is clear what your blog is about overall
  • @MuralMaker1: I like writing personal stuff, but I don’t wanna become a reality show – like watching a train wreck, ya kno?
  • @dollarcraft: IMO, there are very few slots for blog superstars who are famous for their magnetic personalities
  • @dollarcraft:blog superstars like @pioneerwoman@dooce, etc. Those jobs are already filled! 🙂 In crafting, @marthastewart

Everyone is special. That special thing is your niche. Sell it.

    • @crafterminds: Some of you might be turned off by the word niche. So let me ask u this. What makes u unique out of all the other bloggers?
    • @condoblues: Being a green blogs helps with many things although some at conferences look at me like a deer in headlights
    • @SerenityNowGirl: I wish there was a big checklist of niche themes for me to choose from. I like to check off boxes. 😉
    • @dollarcraft: We need to write a blog niche personality test! 🙂
    • @SerenityNowGirl: Can see how discovering focus of yr blog can lead to more confidence! Feel better knowing that there *ARE* things I’m good at
    • @dollarcraft: Which is why we’re talking about niches! everyone is special. that special thing is ur niche. sell it

    Niches make our society go around. Start noticing niches in everyday life.

    • @dollarcraft: start noticing niches in life. when you go to a new store, do you know what it is as soon as you walk inside? that’s a niche
    • @dollarcraft: Or, do you ever go to a restaurant that has a huge menu and go “what’s up with this place? is it Greek or Chinese?”
    • @MuralMaker1:@dollarcraft Yes! We have an indian restaurant that offers pizza too. Uh, hello?!?

    If your interests are too varied, consider starting a separate blog for the ones you want to blog about.

    • @thecottagechick: I agree that having a niche has helped me, and sometimes having diff blogs is a good idea to keep the focus
    • @TheVSpotBlog: There are days when I feel like I’m channeling Sybil. I would need 6 different blogs, were to try and compartmentalize it all

    Your tagline is a quick way to let people know what your niche is.

    • @SouthernRhoda: I throw out my tagline at the top of my blog, so everyone knows what to expect. decorating, thrifting, recipes, gardening.
    • @LaraEllieG: Can’t a consistent “presentation” or “look” also unite your blog into a recognizable, personalized, niche?
    • @dollarcraft:@LaraEllieG yes, presentation & look can go a long way toward unifying your blog.
    • @thecottagechick: I write out a mission statement for my blog- so it keeps me on focus-
    • @thecottagechick: When I stray from my Blogs mission or niche- I feel more frustrated so my reader prob does also!
    • @creativegoddess: I did things backwards, as usual. I came up with my tagline and THAT helped me know what ot blog about.
    • @madiganmade:@creativegoddess – Good idea. My tagline has changed a number of times… but I think I finally settled on what works!
    • @crafterminds: HAVING a tagline is very important for your readers – it tells them flat-out what your blog is about.
    • @RebeccaEParsons: writing my mission statement really helped me zoom into what my blog is about
    • @crafterminds: Sitting down and doing the hard work of actually defining niche (tagline, mission statement, etc.) is a chore. Do it anyway.

    Defining your niche doesn’t mean being fake. It’s a call to bring the most compelling parts of yourself to your blog.

    • @casabellaproj: I’m a very real person both on and off line. What you read on my blog is the real me.
    • @SerenityNowGirl: Being “real” is important no matter what. I believe readers can sniff out the fakey stuff like bloodhounds!
    • @SouthernRhoda: I can’t do anything but be “real”. Anything else would feel strange to me.
    • @dollarcraft: Being fake is a bad niche!
    • @dollarcraft: The advice to define your niche isn’t a call to be fake. It’s a call to bring the most compelling parts of urself to ur blog.
    • @dollarcraft: I am a LOT more than just dollar store crafting. But I am not my blog. My blog is a product of me.

    Your niche will emerge over time.

    • @CynGagen: Never thought I had a niche because I’m so eclectic. Now I think it’s evolving into budget/eco friendly crafts.
    • @MuralMaker1:so if I say I wanna be ‘Bob Ross meets Rachael Ray’ do you know what I’m talking about? lol
    • @condoblues: Yum-mo happy little trees? 🙂
    • @dollarcraft: hmm.. which parts of Bob Ross, which parts of Rachael Ray?? 🙂 #afro #evoo
    • @vintagerevivals: And you cant be afraid to evolve! Cause you as a person will so should you blog.
    • @dollarcraft: Starting a blog is a bit like being 22. You aren’t quite sure who you are yet… it takes a couple years & some experiences.
    • @thecottagechick: If you find your niche is changing- just bring the readers along and let them know – they love authenticity
    • @kassarie: That’s the nice thing about having a newer blog… I can do all kinds of posts right now… and see what my readers like!
    • @Lilbrownhouse: Had a blog for about 6 months b4 I settled on a niche- then changed the name and got my own domain and stuck with what worked!

    If you blog for fun, you can do whatever you want and ignore the niche thing.

    • @thisiscarrie: Because I keep my blog primarily for myself & not as a business, I blog about whatever I want. People still seem to enjoy it
    • @dollarcraft:@thisiscarrie Yeah! If your blog is for fun/pleasure, by all means, do whatever you want. It’s your sandbox! 🙂
    • @dollarcraft: Again, if you are just blogging for fun/therapy/etc., you can be more lax on defining the niche.
    • @crafterminds: Don’t let this advice stress you out. Ignore it if you’re not ready to hear it. It will still be here when you’re ready.

    The key to including diverse subject-matter is to make it work within your niche.

    • @SouthernRhoda: I even throw travel posts out there & make them work with my blog. Everyone seems to love that too.
    • @crafterminds: “Making it work with your blog” —  this is the key to working within your niche!

    Follow the clues to find your niche.

    • @dollarcraft:Follow the clues to find your niche: 1. the most commented posts, 2. the most viewed posts, 3. the most linked
    • @dollarcraft: Again, your readers (pageviews, comments) will help you figure out what you excel at. Pay attention to the numbers.
    • @thecottagechick: Conducting a survey on my blog helped me define my niche- the readers will tell u what they like!
    • @crafterminds: How about mind-mapping or making a word cloud of stuff you want your blog to be about? are there any themes?


    photo: cat and birdie bento by gamene on flickr, bento zen

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