Feeling Competitive Twitter Chat 5.30 – POSTPONED

UPDATE – due to the holiday, we’ll be postponing this chat until 6/6.  Enjoy your Memorial Day! It’s not always easy to be gracious – not in life, and definitely not in craft blogging.  Creativity gets very personal!  Have you ever had feelings of competition with other bloggers?  It doesn’t happen often for me, but it has happened.  Mostly... read more

Creating Privacy Boundaries On Your Blog

We’ve all heard that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” The same is NOT true in blogging. What you post on your blog can last forever. Even after you’ve taken it down, there can still be traces of what you once put up…and this can have consequences later (sometimes much later) on. I love blogging, but over the past year I’ve created some... read more

How to Say “No” Chat Transcript

Saying “no” isn’t always easy – but sometimes it has to be done. Not only are you a busy blogger, but you are quite possibly also a family member, mom, wife, girlfriend, friend, neighbor, co-worker . . . so there are a lot of people asking for your time.  This doesn’t even include taking time for yourself or doing projects.  Ack!  There just... read more

Ten Ways to Promote Other Blogs

We all love promotion right?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Here are ten tride and true ways to promote other blogs: 1)  Social Media Promotion – use your twitter and facebook pages to help promote other blogs.  Make a goal today — use half of your social media posts to help promote others.  Retweet your fave bloggers!  Share their facebook... read more

Blog Analytics Chat Recap

Monday we talked about Analytics for blogs. We touched upon Google Analytics (mostly), with a bit of Sitemeter, Jetpack, and other analytics programs as well. We recommend using Google Analytics for sure, because that’s the industry standard, and what sponsors will want to see. Oh, and thanks to merwing for licensing her cute photo of Blythe(s) – check out her blog for... read more

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