10 Ways to Make $600

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We really, really, really want you to join us on the Crafterminds Cruise. Here are 10 easy ways you can get the $600 you need to join us!

10. Sell ad space on your blog.

your ad hereBook $100 in ads for the next six months. A blog at just about any size can charge $25/month for a 125×125 button.

To find potential advertisers, write a post on your blog announcing your four ad spots.

9. Sell a few things on Etsy.

Dust off your Etsy account if you haven’t used it in awhile and sell some of your craft supply stash, or the crafts you are making for your blog. If you sell off some of your old supplies, you will raise part (or all) of the $600 in no time.

8. Babysitting. Or Dogsitting.

Sure, you made money babysitting in high school (and maybe college), but have you thought about doing it now? How much do you pay for a night of babysitting? What if you charged that same amount a few times a month and watched your neighbor (or sister’s) kids? Or, you could offer your house-sitting or dogsitting services for people going away on summer vacations. (Tip: Kennels will charge $200 and up for a weekend of dog-sitting. You can do it for half that!)

7. Sell your shoes.

Find the most valuable things you have laying around your house and sell them on eBay. Cute shoes you just never wore, purses, old DVDs or video games (just make sure you clear that last one with the mister!) Some things do really well on Amazon, too, like current (or nearly current) textbooks, video games, books. Once you’ve listed all the higher-ticket items, group the low-ticket items into lots, or sell the less-primo but still good things at a garage sale.

6. Work it, girl.

Check Craigslist for odd job help wanted. Maybe there are a few gigs you could do to raise the funds. Get a part-time job for a couple weeks.

5. Skip Starbucks and save the money.

Or reduce your order from a $5 bells-and-whistles latte to a more modest $2 Americano or house coffee (add milk & sugar at the counter) and squirrel away the savings.

4. Extreme couponing.

Take advantage of great coupons when grocery shopping and save your savings.

3. The Change Jar.

Empty your purse and pockets of all change at the end of each day and put it in your jar.

2. Sponsored Posts.

Do a some sponsored post gigs (like the ones you can book through Social Spark).

1. Your Bank’s Round up the Change Program.

Many banks have a program where they will round up any of your debit purchases to the nearest dollar amount, and then put the change in a savings account. Bank of America will actually match your savings up to $250 for the first 3 months, which brings your cost for the cruise down to $350.

Hope this has gotten you thinking creatively about how you can raise the money to join us on the Crafterminds Cruise! Maybe one of these items won’t yield the full $600, but if you implement a few of them, maybe you can painlessly pay for your cruise and come join us!

Register for the Cruise Here!

p.s. Here’s another way to get money: accept donations via Go Fund Me. Have a birthday or other special occasion coming up? Then ask for donations for the Cruise instead of presents!

p.p.s. My readers on the Dollar Store Crafts facebook page came up with a lot of good ideas, too.

image: licensed by flickr user schrierc

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