The Key to Taking GREAT Pictures

When it comes to taking good pictures there are so many issues and things that you need to make sure are in order…the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, lighting, camera settings…I could go on and on! Does it ever feel daunting? Does the thought of trying to master your DSLR overwhelm you at times?

That is exactly why I decided to write this simple and easy to understand photography eBook, The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer. Taking great pictures and figuring out your camera doesn’t have to be so intimidating. This book is geared toward the person who owns a digital SLR camera but doesn’t quite know how to take the fantastic pictures they desire. I know of many people who own a DSLR camera but are so frustrated with not knowing exactly what to do and how to produce awesome pictures. I knew if they just understood some key and basic information they would be able to use that to finally get the most of their cameras. In the book I start out teaching (in simple, easy to understand terms) what exposure, aperture and shutter speed is all about, how they relate and why they are so important to understand. I talk about camera and lenses and why I use what I use. I discuss camera settings, lighting, composition and I even walk through my whole editing process. I’ve included tons of pictures that will help the reader follow along very easily. Overall it’s a great resource for anyone who just wants to learn how to take better pictures…whether that is for their blog, their family and kids, or their business.

As a blogger I know how important it is to have beautiful pictures to post. Often times the thing that keeps many readers frequenting their favorite blogs are the delightful and pleasing pictures that are posted. If you are trying to sell a product, capturing an attractive picture of your product is essential. So let me share a few tips from my book to help you improve your photography for your blog.

It’s important to understand what white balance is and how to use it. Have you ever taken a picture inside and found that it’s too yellow? You can change that by changing your white balance.

When you’re trying to sell a product it’s important to give the potential buyer a good representation of what you’re selling. Show the entire product but also focus on the details. Details are best shown by using a very low f-stop. (More info about what an f-stop is and how to use it is included in the book.)

To get a striking picture of a person it’s essential to get your subjects eyes to sparkle. It makes such a difference in the overall quality of the picture. You also want to make sure their eyes are in focus. (More info about focusing is included in the book.)

Taking beautiful pictures doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just need to learn the basic techniques and then go out and take lots of pictures. The best way to learn is by making mistakes and then going back to learn from your mistakes. Good luck in all your photography goals! I hope you find my eBook to be enlightening; I always love to hear how your photography is improving.

Much Love,

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