Crafterminds Cruise Chat Transcript

crafterminds cruiseWe’re cruising this October to the Bahamas!  It’s all about learning, crafting and networking on the open ocean.  We chatted about the cruise yesterday, and here’s the transcript as well as a recap.  For all the details, visit this informational post.  Don’t forget to REGISTER NOW if you want to hang with us!

Here are some questions asked about the cruise at the chat. Let us know if you have anymore. We’re adding a cruise FAQ very soon!

Q: Where are we going? Where do we fly in to?
A: The Bahamas, baby! You fly into Orlando International Airport and take a shuttle to the terminal.

Q: @SerenityNowGirl – I want to know if Leonardo DiCaprio will be there so I can replay the “I’m the King of the World” scene. Please advise. 😉
A: No. But we’ll try to get a deck hand to re-enact with you if you come!

Q: What does the price include?
A: Four crafting sessions, four learning sessions, lodging AND food. You can’t beat it!

Q: @momendeavors: Cruising question–when will the sessions be? Will we be able to explore at the ports?
A: We will not have any sessions during the day so you can enjoy the Bahamas. Sessions are while we’re at sea.

Q: How many people are attending?
A: We have 75 spots available. This is going to be small so that you can get one-on-one attention.

Q: @SerenityNowGirl: Wondering if it’s ever possible to find sponsorship for something like this.
A: You totally can! We encourage you to contact your blog supporters. Small amounts add up to a lot!

Q: @momendeavors: Does the conference itself already have sponsors?
A: We’re still working on sponsorships. We had to get the tickets listed ASAP to reserve the spots on the cruise.

Q: Is there early bird pricing?
A: YES! The price raises $50 after June 4th.

Q: @momendeavors: What time to we get back on the 24th? Would people fly out that day?
A: We dock at 7am. You will fly out Monday afternoon.

Q: Do I need a passport?
A: Yes, and you should probably get one now (or soon) because they can take awhile.

Q: @RebeccaEParsons: will u have vendors?
A: Not this year – we’re trying to keep it simple for our first year. You never know what the future brings!

Q: What if we need a roommate?
A: If you can’t find one on your own, let us know and we’ll help match you.

Q: Are we going to have an 80’s prom-themed dinner?
A: Maybe. ;p

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