How to Say “No” Chat Transcript

Saying “no” isn’t always easy – but sometimes it has to be done. Not only are you a busy blogger, but you are quite possibly also a family member, mom, wife, girlfriend, friend, neighbor, co-worker . . . so there are a lot of people asking for your time.  This doesn’t even include taking time for yourself or doing projects.  Ack!  There just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all, so you have to say “no” to something (you definitely should if you don’t!).  Here are some excerpts from the chat:

Why Some of You Have a Hard Time Saying No:
@sumossweetstuff:I am horrible at saying no. I always feel like I should when I have too much on my plate, but feel bad saying no.
@splendidamy:I think women tend to be pleasers.
@justdrinkacoke: I have a hard time because I’m afraid the person will no longer like me if I tell them no.
@AnswerIsChoco:Sometimes it’s something I want to do but just not the right time and I’m afraid they’ll never ask again. Silly, I know.
@CorduroyDreams:I hardly ever day no because I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.

Why You Should Say No Sometimes:
@HoneybearLane:I think saying no is essential at times…whether you are too busy or something just doesn’t fit your blog.
@HoneybearLane:Also I have politely said no to sponsors whose shops clearly are not ready for a giveaway.
@sundyaftrnoonhw:And I have had people offer to do posts where they really don’t fit with me at all they just want to promo themselves. Nope.
@crafterminds:If I overcommit I am good to no one. Creativity doesn’t flow when I have too much on my plate.
@dollarcraft:Make a list of what IS on your priority list. If the opportunity doesn’t contribute to your priorities, pass on it.
@iheartBCD:When I say NO I say yes to my family, my own blog, my schedule and my sanity at times!

How to Say No Effectively/Tips:
@jenjentrixie:When someone offers a giveaway that’s not a great fit for my blog I tell them so — gently — and maybe refer them to a friend.
@iheartBCD:I make sure 2B honest…”I’m trying not 2 take on extra things right now in order to help keep my goal of taking on 2 much.”
@jenjentrixie:Other good (and true) gentle ‘no’s: not a great fit for blog, schedule full, thanks for thinking of me, have done many similar.
@dollarcraft:How about the non-committal: “I’m not able to do that right now.”
@crafterminds:Setting up boundaries on your time helps be successful.
splendidamy:I have found, too, that saying no once helps develop confidence to do so in the future!

For more tips and the entire transcript, see below.

Crafterminds Chat 5.23

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