Learn How: Add Google Analytics to Blogger

In my Creating a Media Kit – Research post, I suggested that you install Google Analytics on your blog immediately if you haven’t done it already. Google Analytics is useful for all sorts of information, and is highly important information for you to have once you decide to participate in PR campaigns or sell ad space on your site. If your blog is on Blogger, here is how to install the Google Analytics on your site.

Where Should I Install Google Analytics Code on my Blogger Site?

When you put in your google analytics code, should you go into the blog’s coding page, or should you go into the edit blog page? I’ve found that putting things in my blog’s code page works great… until I go changing my blog’s formatting, and then it can get lost or deleted.

How to Install Google Analytics Code in Blogger

1. Open the “design” tab in blogger (when you’ve got a new post open, you’ll see the “design” tab at the top).
2. Click on “add gadget.”
3. Choose HTML.
4. Leave the title blank, and put the google analytics code in the big box.
5. Save it.
6. Using your mouse, click on the html code you just created, and move it directly under the title, so it is at the top of the page. I don’t remember if this step made any difference or not, but it doesn’t hurt anything… the code is “invisible” to anyone who visits the site.
7. Save changes to the blog, and view the blog to make sure that nothing is messed up.

I found that doing it this way rather than putting it into the “coding” of the site worked best for me. I’ve had other things that I’ve put into the site’s coding, and when I changed the look of my blog, they went away. I’ve never had any problems with my analytics not working.

carolina mooreCarolina is a craftin’ wife and mom who blogs over at Always Expect Moore. She’s been sewing, gluing, and creating as long as she can remember, but only blogging about it for the last year. She also has a Bachelors in Advertising, and has worked in advertising and marketing for over a decade.
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7 Responses to “Learn How: Add Google Analytics to Blogger”

  1. Peaches says:

    Great post! Greedy request; will y’all consider an eventual post on how to understand what comes out of Google Analytics? I have mine all set up, but I know I’m only using 10% of its abilities…How do I pull a report? Content mapping? Setting goals? It’s all a mystery. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to know more!

  2. Jenny D. says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! This post fixed all the problems I was running into. Great advice!

  3. Chris says:

    Doesn’t work as of June 2011, since they changed the blogger template formatting. You can’t add a gadget by html.

    This worked for me (presumably what you used to do):

    Analytics Instructions:
    1) Log into Google Analytics
    2) Pick “Create A New Account” from the drop down menu on the top right of the page
    3) Select Sign Up
    4) Enter the URL of the blog (ie: and finish the General information
    5) Finish the Contact information
    6) Accept the user agreement
    7) Copy the provided code

    Blogger Instruction:
    1) Log in to the Blogger Dashboard
    2) Click “Layout” for the blog you wish to track
    3) Click “Edit HTML”
    4) Scroll to the bottom of the html and paste the tracker code (from Google Analytics) right before the tag. If you are unable to find the tag, paste the code directly before .
    5) Save Template

  4. KZ says:

    this was SUCH help!!! thank you!!!

  5. Ashik Rahman says:

    Very Helpful post…. Thank you very much.


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