Making a Media Kit Transcript

Today we talked about making media kits (also known as press kits). “Media kit” sounds like very official language, but we came to the conclusion that it doesn’t have to be. So what exactly is a blogger media kit? It is essentially a fact sheet letting potential sponsors, advertisers or anyone interested in working with you know the 4-1-1 about your blog.

Two very valuable articles here on Crafterminds to check out are Creating a Media Kit – Research and Creating a Media Kit – Making It.  These were written as a guest post for us by the lovely Carolina Moore – take a peek at her great media kit.  In addition, we love Laurie Turk’s (Tip Junkie) media kit as a good example.

Other learnings from today’s chat:

  • A media kit is simply basics about your blog – a “cheat sheet” with basic information about your blog and you.  Think of it as a resume.  Don’t forget to include your basic contact information on the page.
  • Google Analytics is what most sponsors/advertisers ask for in terms of stats.  Learn how to install them here.
  • Include basic stats such as monthly unique visitors, monthly page views, FB followers, Twitter followers and demographics on your audience (which you can get from Facebook insights if you have a fan page).  Include other rankings like Alexa or Klout if you are strong in a particular area.
  • Mention sponsors you’ve already worked with and any positive feedback.
  • Also include features on big blogs or major honors given to you – do NOT include blog awards (blog flair/candy) sent to you by other bloggers.
  • List what you are willing to do: guest posts, paid gigs, speaking engagements – make it easy for sponsors to figure out what they can ask of you.
  • Start your media kit now, even if you feel your blog is small.  It’s better to do the heavy lifting now and then update as you grow.
  • Rates – you are welcome to post your rates, but it may or may not be difficult to raise them as you grow depending on the sponsor.  If you do post your rates, give sponsors at least two months notice before raising rates.  Some people opt not to list them, so we’ll leave that up to you.
  • You have two choices for featuring on your blog – as a page on your blog, or as a downloadable PDF.  Many lean toward downloadable PDF so that sponsors can easy open and print.
  • Pick a blog partner and exchange kits to review each others – give honest feedback.
  • Review the kit on at least a quarterly basis; update as needed.

Crafterminds Chat 5.2

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