Do You Follow the Latest Crafty Trends?

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Are you a {trend} follower?

Do you ever find yourself jumping on a trend bandwagon?

Well, I have to confess. I did. And I regret it.

I made a project because it might be neat to blog about it.

And it was not my taste.

It was supposed to be a cheap chip-n-dip tray turned beach ball door hanging.

I said to myself: “Cool! This is perfect for summer door decor and dollar store projects are so popular. People will love to hear about that.”

Then I got it home and started to paint it. After the first coat of paint my initial reaction was, “What the heck was I thinking? This is not me at all.”  So, I did not finish the project and you will not see the final vision. You can imagine the result, right? And if you love the idea, please feel free to make one.

But this project taught me a lesson.

I cannot and should not create or cook something just because everyone else is doing it or it will attract a lot of interest. I need to stay true to my tastes and preferences. The project should be something I love first.

In general, I love watching trends. They are often repeated because they are great ideas. There is a reason you still see loads of bloggers writing about their new coffee filter wreath – it is an easy, cheap idea that looks gorgeous. And some trends are not really trends. They are just the latest recycling of a timeless idea. (gallery walls, white kitchens, painted furniture, thrifting, etc.)

Watching what is popular out there gives me loads of ideas. And a little crafty experimentation is healthy. It is good to push ourselves out of our own creative comfort zone to see if we like something. Following trends may be part of the industry but readers can see through a project that it is not really ‘you’. I think there is a way to incorporate popular fads into your home that still work with your taste.

I will follow a trend if it fits with what I like. But in general, I need to remind myself that it has to be “me” first. My hope is that if I stay true to myself, I will attract and keep readers that appreciate the same kind of stuff. That is probably the best way to grow my blog versus writing about the hottest “it” fad. When I’m working on a project that IS so ‘me’, I can’t wait to finish it. I’m so excited to see it completed. The feedback I get from my readers is usually equally excited… Then I know I’m doing something right!

There are many trends that I love and are likely to remain a staple on my blog. I will continue making dollar store/cheap projects. These never go out of style, I just need to be careful not to make something just because it is cheap. I think I will always use spray paint for projects. I love chalkboards, wreaths, typography and thrifted finds. And at the heart of my blog, I know that all of my projects and recipes need to be simple.

But there are some styles that I may never follow. It’s not that I don’t love these trends, I do. In fact, on  my Facebook page I feature these ideas frequently. There are a TON of blogs that I read weekly that rock certain fashions in their own way.  I follow blogs of all shapes, sizes and styles and I’m inspired by their DIY ambition. The latest craze in crafts or home decor might not easily fit with our tastes… but I still find it fun to read.  I’m personally not into heavily distressed furniture. I prefer clean and classic looks. Shabby chic, rustic or  uber-modern are not really “me”. And I will likely never use burlap or loads of ruffles on a project.

And there are still oodles of popular ideas I want to try: clothing refashions, gallery walls, and maybe cake pops.

And the beauty of it all is that I’m allowed to change my mind.

It changes a lot. (just ask my husband)

So in a year or two… I may hate chalkboards and be really into loads of ruffles. We will see! That’s the fun about working on projects (and reading blogs).

If I did not change, I think I’d write a pretty boring blog, right?

So, fess up.

Have you made something just to blog about it and the project was not really “you”!?!? Tell me I’m not alone!

And If you don’t have a blog, but you read a lot of them, tell me: What trends are you tired of seeing? And what do you want to see more of?

I’m the 30-something blogger behind Madigan Made. I live in Pennsylvania and I work by day, create and blog by night. I crave simple and easy craft and decor ideas. I love to write, take photos and make stuff (a blogging trifecta, no?). I also love my handsome hubby and boisterous pup. Oh, and little dark chocolate and a lot of coffee!

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