Linky Parties: Everything You Wanted to Know Ever

party lanterns by syeefa jay

Today’s chat about Linky Parties was great! So many people, so many varied opinions, and pretty much everything you could ever want to discuss about Linky Party participation (and hosting) came up. I recapped below:

Img: syeefa jay

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3 Responses to “Linky Parties: Everything You Wanted to Know Ever”

  1. I’m so bummed I missed the chat. Thanks for this recap! This format was so easy to scan and catch up.
    Below are lessons I’ve learned in the past year about link parties that echo some of the discussion I missed:
    A. Link back within your post. Always.
    B. Mingle, mingle, mingle! Leave nice comments, be inspired and meet new bloggers.
    C. Hosting your own party is hard. (my little niche party crashed and burned)
    D. Scale back the number of parties you attend. Be thoughtful and purposeful about where you link.
    E. Because of “D”, I stopped using an inlinkz meme to show where I link. Now I just have a handful of buttons at the end of my posts.
    F. Thank the hostesses. They rock!

  2. J. Hill says:

    I don’t know if this was brought up in the chat or not, but re: commenting on all the links, I just couldn’t keep up with commenting on ALL the linked up projects anymore.

    However, if you use, go to the dashboard and click “Just Emails” for that linky party. It will bring up a box with all the emails submitted for the party. You can copy and paste them and send a thank you email to all the participants.

    It’s not as personal as a comment on each post, but it’s still a nice way to say thank you for choosing to link up to your party.

  3. J. Hill – Love that idea of sending e-mails to all the participants. When Blogger was down a while back and I couldn’t comment on their blogs, this would have been a nice alternative.

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