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Dear Crafterminds,

I have been following you on Twitter, and reading around your site here. It’s definitely very resourceful and informative for me as a blogger! What initially got me following you was your tag line, “We specialize in connecting craft/lifestyle bloggers with sponsors in the craft industry.” I cannot find more info on your site about that, specifically. Can you tell me more about it? I have been having a difficult time, monetizing my blog site successfully.
I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Laura


Hi Laura, thanks for your great question! We are all full-time bloggers ourselves and make time for Crafterminds because we love mentoring bloggers and we have a passion to help people find their way when they are going from hobby to blogging business. We have a few ways of helping (and are working on more).

1. Twitter Chat: This is probably our biggest contribution directly to craft bloggers. We have a twitter chat about craft blogging every Monday at 1pm Pacific. We are taking a hiatus for the summer months of July and August, but you can interact in our new Crafterminds Community while we take a break. We chatted about monetization awhile back, so check out the Intro to Monetization Recap.

2. Advocating for Bloggers Within the Craft Industry: We represent craft bloggers’ interests to CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) in a Social Media task force, and are working on ways to make connections within the craft industry between bloggers and crafty companies. Heather will be at the CHA Summer Show next week meeting with other social media leaders in the craft industry.

3. Organizing Campaigns that Benefit Bloggers: We have started to organize marketing campaigns on behalf of advertisers that help craft bloggers make connections with manufacturers. We are working on providing opportunities for creative bloggers to bring in some money by participation in these kinds of campaigns.

4. Getting Bloggers Together in person: While we love our online connections, we would love to get creative bloggers together in person. We are working with various events to provide speakers, educational tracks focusing on creative blogging, and meet-ups for creative bloggers.

5. Direct Mentorship With Bloggers: All of us interact frequently with many bloggers in informal (or formal) arrangements as mentors. We consult via Facebook, email, Twitter, and on the phone to help bloggers develop their sites and clarify their strategies for getting what they want out of their blogs.

Hope that helps crystallize some of the ways we can help bloggers realize their professional goals.

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