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Triberr is a new service that allows you to auto-tweet from approved colleagues’ blog streams. I wrote an extensive article examining Triberr’s service, but I wrote it before I had a chance to try Triberr. Right after I wrote the article, I received an invitation to try Triberr for myself. I used the Crafterminds Twitter stream and blog up to test Triberr out.

My findings:

  • Although you are allowed to turn off auto-tweeting, it is extremely hard to find the place where you can adjust that setting
  • The Triberr site is sluggish and hard to navigate
  • I hate having other people’s RSS feed auto-tweeting to my Twitter account

Basically, Triberr doesn’t really fit in with my social media strategy, which is to personally curate the content I broadcast via Twitter, and to use social media as a method of personal interaction (not personal promotion).

Even though I am a tech savvy person, I couldn’t figure out how to keep my account from auto-tweeting in a tribe I wasn’t the owner of. Therefore, I had to leave the tribe to keep from auto-tweeting. I had a hard time finding any info online about how to change the auto-tweeting settings, including on Triberr’s own FAQ page. Really? That isn’t a frequently asked question? I find that pretty hard to believe.

If you are the owner of a Tribe, you can set the tribe to default to NOT auto-tweet, but it is extremely hard to find the setting if you are not a Tribe owner. (In fact, I was talking to a leading blogger in my niche last week, and she said she talked to the owner of Triberr, and he apparently admitted to making that setting purposely hard to find.)

So, How Do I Turn OFF Auto-Tweeting on Triberr?

I came across the info in a comment on a blog post at Mom Off Track. Lucretia Pruitt of The Social Joint instructed:

You can change that [auto-tweeting] setting by going into the Tribe page by choosing “Tribe” from the upper menu and clicking on the Tribe you wish to set from auto to manual or vice versa, then underneath the info about the tribe leader on the left, select “settings” (rather than “members”) to change the view. Scroll down, on the left, you will see a slider button that says “Automatic Tweeting”… after you change it to On or Off, click the button below that says “save settings.”

Hopefully this info will help if you are still willing to use Triberr as long as you can adjust the auto-tweeting. As for me, since I couldn’t find the setting myself (even though I clicked through basically every setting on the entire site), I removed myself from the other person’s auto-tweeting tribe. I still have my Triberr account for now (in case I need to do any further tests or write more how-to articles), but I am not a member of any tribes and am not actively using the tool.

photo: creative commons licensed, credit: eva the weaver

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