10 Commenters that Make You Go HMMM

licensed by flickr user Noemi Manalang

I’ll admit. I blog for comments. Sort of. I mean, I started out in the beginning because I love to write, and shortly became addicted to the amazing power of a great comment. The internet’s great that way. Craft, write, hit publish, reap positive vibes from across the globe.

Who are some of these commenters, anyway? It’s amazing that anyone can find my craft blog amongst the sea of internet awesome. Most commenters are nice and genuine people, but some of them just seem to have ulterior motives.

1. The One-Up Her

This commenter can’t just be happy for you if you come up with a cool idea. She has to share her idea she had three months ago that was the same, but better.

2. The Shameless Self-Promoter

You’ve never gotten a comment from this person before. This comment is generically complimentary, but then goes for the jugular in sentence #2: come join my linky party! or I’m having a giveaway at my blog! Comment wraps up with their URL.

3. The Over-Sharer

Two paragraph comments are usually nice, but sometimes they just stray into the awkward. Like, when she signs off saying “I typed this all with one hand while I was breastfeeding Lil Chimpmunk! LOL!”

4. The Martha Martyr

To this commenter, you are Martha Stewart, and she is the dirt on Martha’s floor. “Oh, this is so beautiful. I could never make such an amazing popsicle stick finger puppet because I’m just not creative!” Yes you can, Martyr. I just showed you how to make it in three easy steps!

5. The Double-Dipper

This person wrote a very nice, heartfelt comment on your post. Awwww, that’s so sweet. Hey, she wrote the exact same comment on your best friend’s blog too. Awww, that’s so not.

6. The Sob Storian

If you’re having a giveaway, this person is at the ready with the reasons why you should pick her to win the 4-pack of glitter. I hope is swayed by sad stories! (This is the reason I use for giveaways. I want to be like Oprah and make everyone a winner! I am the good cop, and is my bad cop.)

7. The Stalker

She (let’s hope it’s a she!) comments on every article. Knows your kids by name and age. Knows where you work and casually drops the info in comments. Tries to friend you on Facebook and asks how your mom is doing.

8. The Invisible Man

This commenter leaves a detailed question (or often, criticism), but no contact information and a fake name. Sure, an email address is required in order for people to comment. You try emailing “ohnoyoudon’[email protected]” I welcome discussion and even criticism, but it’s really frustrating when you can’t respond to the person directly.

9. The Repeat Offender

This person is just a little trigger-happy.

1st comment – “Hi, I’d like to enter the giveaway”
2nd comment – “Whoops, I forgot to enter my e-mail”
3rd comment – “Whoops, I hit enter too fast”
4th comment – “OMG, did it again – I’m [email protected]

10. Suzy Knowitall

This commenter corrects two facts in each article and has a dry school-teachery tone. Oh, and the “facts” she corrected? She should have checked before she posted.

Just so you know, this article is just for fun. I welcome comments from all kinds of commenters, even the awkward ones!

Special thanks to Amy Anderson forhelp on this article too! Illustration licensed via Flickr by Noemi Manalang.


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