10/2 Chat: Handling PR Requests

the press club by thomas hawk

People are reading your blog, which is awesome. Some of those people are PR (public relations) people from companies and they know your blog is a powerful platform and want to use it. Some of these offers and requests are great and will help you take your blog to the next level. Some of them are stinkers and will only serve to dilute your message and annoy your readers. How do you decide which is which?

Join us Monday October 2nd for our #crafterminds Twitter chat. We’ll be talking all about handling PR requests and offers.

  • We highly recommend TweetChat as the easiest way to take part in the chat. Go to this link, sign into Twitter, and you will be able to follow the chat all in one place (and TweetChat puts the hashtag in for you, too!)
  • #crafterminds Twitter Chat. Chat room link here.
  • Monday, October 2nd at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern
  • Moderator: Heather @dollarcraft as @crafterminds
  • Hashtag: #crafterminds

We really want you to join us for the conversation, but if you can’t make it, we will probably post a transcript here at Crafterminds later on Monday or Tuesday.

photo: by Thomas Hawk, licensed via Creative Commons

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