Dealing With Craft Block & Writer’s Block

craft blocks by how now design

Sometimes the ideas flow, and sometimes they don’t. What do you do when craft block happens to you? How about writer’s block? How do you continue on blogging when you are experiencing a writer’s block, or maybe a creative or emotional block? We tackled those questions and more (we talked about inspiration a lot, too) in today’s #Crafterminds chat. I jotted down some notes from our chat, and the full transcript is available below.

What to do when you have Craft Block or Writer’s Block?

1. clean your workspace
2. check your stash
3. go shopping (with, or WITHOUT a wallet!)
4. go for a walk, get away from your workspace
5. check online sources like pinterest (but set a time limit so you don’t get sucked in)
6. Get together with other creative people (in person if possible)
7. Start with narrow parameters (a specific color, a single supply, etc)
8. Take pics w/phone, write down ideas in notebook to save for when you have a block
9. Reduce your expectations. Instead of “I have to make THIS,” say “I have to make something!”
10. Set the timer for 10 minutes and just let yourself play with your supplies for 10 mins w/no goal in mind
10 24 2011 Crafterminds Transcript

Photo: by hownowdesigns (aesthetic outburst), licensed via flickr & creative commons

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