Blogger Confessions, Volume One

Photo courtesy of mika-rin

Bloggers aren’t perfect people. Many of you reading this are here because you are involved in crafts or DIY, and part of the goal of a blogger in this genre is to make things (homes, crafts, recipes) look perfect. After all, that is what inspires people, and we are in the business of inspiration.

I recently collect some confessions from craft and DIY bloggers, mostly because I think it’s funny, but also to show everyone that these bloggers are just regular people with regular thoughts. Their families aren’t perfect. Their lives aren’t perfect. And that spic-and-span living room with the amazing natural light and refurbished couch with handmade pillows? That scene probably fell apart right after picture.

I like being real, and so I present to you some blogger confessions. These confessions are anything the blogger doesn’t feel comfortable expressing in public. I have one entry on here too, but I’m not revealing any names, including my own. In fact, I don’t even know who these come from. Without further adieu:

-“I think the people who don’t leave comments . . . should leave comments. There, I said it. It’s all very shocking, I know.”

-“Automated twittering (or stumbling) turns me off. I prefer you refer something if you LIKE what you saw. It’s honest.”

-“Giveaways just in the US?!? I don’t get it. Blogging is worldwide. Why don’t sponsors offer a gift to anyone they’d sell to?”

-“I probably have more unfinished projects than finished projects on my blog! I get so excited to post things that I take pics at angles to make it look finished, and then I blog it. But by that time, I’m over the project and want to do something else, so they sit in my house half-finished. My poor family! :)”

-“I am guilty of plopping my kids in front of the TV to get a post done. And, in the same vein I’ve burned dinner because I was too intent on getting a blog post written.”

-“When I was running more than one giveaway, I didn’t want one person to win all the prizes, so I “accidentally” clicked the button again to give another entrant a chance to win a prize.”

-“A couple of times, I started adding up my expenses for a project when finally blogging about it and suddenly realize it was quite expensive. So I may have “forgotten how much I paid” for a few items or said I had them “on hand.”

-“I’ve used Photoshop to finish “painting” a project when I ran out of spray paint and was on a deadline.”

-“I’ve lied when doing a review for a paid post. I’ve said I liked the product when I really hated it, and I didn’t know how to back out or tell the sponsor I didn’t like it.”

-“I made something to giveaway on my blog which had numbers on it. I was going to pack it up and mail it to the winner when my mom came over. She realized I had two numbers out of order! So it was …7, 8, 9, 11, 10, 12! I already told the winner I’d ship it the next day, so I had to stay up all night to make a new one, from the beginning. If you look at my blog, the picture of the original craft with the out-of-order numbers is still there and I still wonder if anyone ever noticed but just didn’t say anything. Thanks to my mom for saving my butt!”

-“I am not technically proficient in all my crafts, so I do a lot of Photoshopping to make them look nice. I’m pretty skilled, so I can do a good fake job without anyone noticing.I also fake a lot of my crafts; I don’t glue stuff down . . . I’ll just place it on top for a photo. No one has to know that I don’t actually finish the project!”

-“People say my projects are so creative but I feel like a fraud. I look at other people’s projects and think they have much more talent than I do.”

-“I was involved in organizing a craft swap with a blogger who also wrote at my favorite magazine. I wanted to impress her, so I agreed to do a project I hadn’t done in years. When it came down to it, I couldn’t do the project (I had forgotten the technique), and I had to buy one from eBay last minute and pass it off as my own.”

I hope you enjoyed, could relate and are looking forward to more. Let me know if you would like to contribute for a future round (anonymously, of course).

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