Craft Room Confidential: Real Work Spaces of Craft Bloggers

The Dirty Little Secret of Craft Bloggers!

Let’s be honest, when we check out blogs, aren’t we usually in awe {and maybe even a little bit jealous} of how “together” our favorite blogger is? Their house is always sparkling and perfectly staged.  Their counters are clear, their tables are set and even their kids are perfectly dressed and accessorized.

You got the picture, right? Just enough perfection, glamour and beauty to make you feel a little envious and wonder how they manage to keep it all together, all the time? Can you imagine your favorite blogger sitting in this beautiful space working on her next fantastic project?

That space belongs to a real blogger! Probably one of the blogs you read daily! But, I’m here to let you in on a dirty little secret! Craft spaces don’t always look like that, not all the time anyway!  Ha!

Keeping it “Real
If you search your favorite blogs, I’m sure you will find at least one “keepin it real” post where they admit they don’t always have it together.  Sometimes just the tiniest space is staged for their photos, their kids normally wear pjs all day, and etc.  Today I’m “keepin it real” from a bunch of your favorite bloggers {who would like to remain anonymous} and sharing their craft spaces.  The REAL craft space, as in, what they look 90% of the time.  I’m sure most of you will relate!

Where Bloggers Create

So there you have it! Real live spaces from your favorite real life craft bloggers! One of those photos is mine, can you guess which one? I bet you’re feeling a whole lot better about your own craft space right about now!

I won’t tell you which space belongs to who, but here are the bloggers who submitted photos of their spaces if you want to try to match bloggers to their spaces! {That would make a fun game!} Here’s the list of Bloggers who contributed pictures of their spaces {in alphabetical order}.

Always Expect Moore
Always in Wonder
Attempting Aloha
Christine & Co.
Condo Blues
Crafts by Amanda
Dollar Store Crafts
Funky Junk Interiors
Home Stories A to Z
Mad in Crafts
Mod Podge Rocks
Mrs Greene
Mural Maker
The Country Chic Cottage
The Craft Monkey
The Silly Pearl
The V Spot
Sweet Rose Studio

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