Taking Your Blog to Book with Marie LeBaron (transcript)

woman's home blog book by mike lichtHave you ever dreamed of publishing a craft book? Well, your dream could turn into a reality. With a little preparation, some work, and the right tools, you can write a book! It all starts from the book proposal and goes from there.

Our guest for today’s chat was Marie LeBaron, whose book Make and Takes for Kids was just published by Wiley. She lent her expertise to the chat, and Kate McKean, a literary agent who works with craft authors, also chimed in with a lot of great information.

A few highlights from the afternoon chat (see below for details from the evening chat):

Check the transcript below for the full chat. We’ll have another chat (on the same topic) tonight at 8pm E, and then next week we’re talking about Your Blogging Goals for 2012! Join us at 4pm or 8pm Eastern for #crafterminds!

11 07 2011 Crafterminds Transcript

We also had our first evening chat this week, and had some great guests (hi Mark Montano!) The key Tweets include:

  • ¬†You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop
  • I’m reading book called ‘what’s stopping you’ it’s very good so for anyone sitting on the fence that could be the boost u need
  • Resources for professional writers can be a big help, especially genre writers. Craft is a genre.
  • Online promotion is more valuable than print but you have to blanket with everyone you know.
  • I have actually booked a lot of my TV gigs. I called the stations& pitched my pieces. It’s possible and it works
  • Know how you will market yourself. Be specific and give details.

-Read below to download the entire evening transcript.

Crafterminds Chat 11.7

image: mike licht, licensed via creative commons


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