Balancing Crafts, Blogging & Life

balance by roboM8We craft, therefore we blog.

But, it turns out the most important things in life AREN’T crafting and blogging. Although they do enrich our lives, we still need to be engaged with real life, not just the online circles we participate in. So how do you balance crafts, blogging, and life?

We chatted about that topic today at #crafterminds, and a LOT of great wisdom was shared! I think we all left the chat feeling a little refreshed, uplifted, and with a different perspective. By the end of the chat, I decided that we’re going to take a break from chatting until the new year – so see you at our next scheduled chat on January 9, 2012!

Transcript for today’s entire chat below, but first

Tips for balancing life & blogging:

  • We really need to ask ourselves WHY we are working so hard. WHAT is the reason for overextending yourself?
  • It’s great to take opportunities that come your way (or MAKE your own opportunities), but be strategic
  • @modpodgerocks: I have to remind myself that doing several things 1/2 a$$ed is not good in comparison to doing a few things well.
  • I recommend this!! RT @gloriafox: Ive been thinking of just saying Im on vacation from blogging until after Jan 1.
  • Recommended! RT @catrad: I find that scheduling posts is key. I have a post a day scheduled til Xmas eve – I can relax now!
  • Ask yourself: “what’s in it for ME?” before agreeing RT @PearlGateway: How do you decide what to say no to?
  • I recommend everyone bank some blog posts for the last week of the month so you can take a break!
  • Don’t sacrifice your sanity to help with other ppl’s projects #justsayin
  • Know your main goals. Measure ALL opportunities to make sure they are in line with your main goals.
  • RT @modpodgerocks: I think its good to analyze your workload every once in awhile and boot some stuff that isnt worth it.
  • RT @pamslim: 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself via @marcandangel
  • Love yourself enough to say no. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
  • Also… beware of people trying to make you feel obligated to do stuff. You’re not.
  • I don’t answer the phone, the door, or an email if I don’t want to.
  • Think about the meaning behind the holiday – hanging out & enjoying each other. Don’t sweat the small (craft blog) stuff.
  • RT @modpodgerocks: If you cant do it one year, they will survive. Sometimes you have to put your own sanity first.
  • RT @RebeccaEParsons: The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists, Perfectionism is the highest form of procrastination!!!
  • RT @sewwrong: I set a timer and limit myself so that I dont waste all of my crafting time on Pinterest
  • The world won’t even notice if you don’t tweet 10x today or post an extra blog post.
  • RT @PearlGateway: I liken doing everything to a wedding. No one remembers the details; no one will remember if you say no.
  • One, don’t be distracted. Turn off distractions and work for as long a stretch as you can w/out checking FB, etc
  • Do your most important work when you are fresh – crafting, etc. Do the easy stuff when you are more tired.
  • Do the easy stuff/procrastination stuff when you are tired (social media promotion, etc.)
  • RT @PearlGateway: Flow chart to say yes: Do you have time? Is it worth the time spent? Is it enjoyable? Do you want to do it?
  • Have 2 major projects going on at once, so you can “procrastinate” one by working on the other one!
  • RT @modpodgerocks: @crafterminds My biggest tip is choose life first – family, going out and having fun.
  • RT @InterweaveNews: Just because youve always done something… does not mean you have to every year
  • It’s ok to break from work and do less-intense stuff like social media… just keep it to a time limit
  • Recognize what is REALLY essential, and what is not. Sometimes you can just let things go.
  • Before you commit, imagine your way through the whole thing so you know what you are getting into.
  • Remember, people are ALWAYS more important than things (and your blog is a THING)
  • Not all ideas need to be carried out.
  • Work smarter, not harder!! Do crap work while you are watching your TV shows (I fold laundry)
  • Make a To Do list with ONE thing on it. The one thing you would be happy if you completed today.
  • RT @TOHTabitha: ABSOLUTELY! Break insurmountable goals down into micro-tasks
  • Some times when i’ve felt most successful, it was bc i only had ONE goal & I actually carried it out
  • RT @interweavenews: Wish I had invited @AlisaBurke @MegMcElwee to #crafterminds. Both wrote beautiful blogs on this: &
  • Guilt is NOT a productive feeling!!
  • RT @madincrafts: I usually have several lists: 1 with broad goals and 1 with the bullet points of each of the broad goals.
  • Enjoy family time this xmas, the blog & craft will fit in around it…. somehow!
  • Stop a take a moment to look at what you DID get done each day. It’s probably more than you think!
  • RT @TOHTabitha: If u want a balanced life, make balanced plans. Schedule both work AND play and COMMIT! Enjoy life! Be happy!

Photo: by RoboM8 on Flickr, creative commons license

12 12 2011 Crafterminds Transcript

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