You know you’re a craft blogger if…

You know you're a craft blogger if

I have the good fortune to be connected with an awesome network of crafty bloggers. Creative types who have certain experiences that are unique to just us crafters and craft bloggers. You may be a craft blogger (and a mighty good one) who has never had any of these experiences… but chances are that you resemble at least one (or one dozen) of the following remarks…


You know you’re a craft blogger if…

… when leaving a party, you ask the hostess if you can take home the empty bottles… for a craft project! {Always Expect Moore}

… you will reschedule an appointment so that you have time to drag home a curbside treasure you spotted on the way to said appointment {The V Spot}

‎… you’re making roast chicken and you’re up to your elbows in raw chicken goo and you have to rummage through your craft supplies for kitchen twine. {The Silly Pearl}

‎… you take a picture of every.single.thing you cook/bake/create and not so many pictures of your kids. {Sweet Rose Studio}

… nearly all of your jeans are spattered, splattered and stained with mod podge!

… you pick up your son from preschool and another mom tells you that you have paint in your hair.

… your fingers have one too many burns from your hot glue gun.

… the people at Michael’s and JoAnn’s know you by name.

… customers at craft supply stores ask you where things are, instead of the people working there.

… you get in the car and your 3 year old son asks to go to Michael’s or Home Depot (as if they had to ask).

… the people at Michael’s ask you, “Oh, back again?” or “weren’t you just here yesterday?”

… you make something and your 3 year old son says, “Take a picture of that.”

… you start making something with your kids and they ask, “Are you going to BLOG about this?”

… your husband asks, “Why is there glitter on the camera?”

… your husband doesn’t even need to ask why is there glitter on the camera!

… you give posted blog projects to friends, family, or Goodwill to get them off your hands.

… you go to the paint section at Michael’s where the manager & district manager are resetting the aisle for Martha Stewart paint that’s still in boxes. They ask if they can help you and you say no, you just wanted to see the display. They tell you it’s a great line of paint for paper and wood. And you say ‘and metal, and fabric, and glass’. And you pretend you don’t see their shocked expressions when you say you’re a blogger who’s been using Martha Stewart paint for a month.

…  you have to explain “that’s not a wart on my finger, it’s a blister from a glue gun burn.” {Madigan Made}

… you have stood on a chair or laid down on the ground to take a glamour shot of a piece of furniture.

… you have fallen from said stool or chair to get a glamour shot and ended up having to use crutches.

… the neighbors in your apartment building know you as the crazy lady who goes outside to take pictures of random objects or articles of clothing on the grass. (and you should have seen the looks I got while simultaneously modeling and photographing knit socks for a post). {Creative Carissa}

… your friends and family already know all about their Christmas presents (including how much a project cost) weeks ahead of Christmas because you made them as part of a tutorial for your blog

…while on vacation, your kids get a whiff of Mod Podge or paint and say, “Mmmmm…smells like HOME!”

… you find ways to sneakily take pictures in stores/displays to find ways to knock off the ideas on your own at home. For way less. {Serenity Now}

… someone asks how you made something, and you instinctively reply, “Step 1: Gather these supplies.”

… guests at your home are actually surprised when they find something you BOUGHT (and didn’t make over) {Attempting Aloha}

… you say, “It’s too expensive,” to your child’s plea for something at the store, and they respond, “But can’t you just MAKE one?”Sorry, honey, Wii’s are a little out of my crafting repertoire…

… the words “tutorial, post, pics, glue gun, and Hobby Lobby” are part of your daily vernacular.

… you keep a glue gun in the kitchen, one in the craft room, and a back-up in a closet just in case.

… you can’t watch a tv show, music video, movie, or visit a store without checking out their props and decorations for craft ideas. {Dollar Store Crafts}

… your husband brings home odd things from work they don’t recycle because he thinks you can “do something with it” – and you do! {Condo Blues}

your family learns to just roll with in progress craft and DIY projects in the living room instead of the craft room and workshop.

… your family’s bikes are parked in the living room for a month because you need the extra room in the garage to work on a furniture refinishing project.

… your neighbor asks if you are an artist because he always sees either building things in your garage or taking beauty shots of completed projects outside.

your family budget has a crafts category. (I call mine “Misc.”)

you time working on your big projects around your hubby’s work schedule so that he will be less likely to notice the obscene amount of supplies you bought to complete it.

… you justify too much money spent on a project with the fact that it will probably get a lot of traffic and comments.

… someone who doesn’t know you well tells you about a super cool DIY they saw on a blog and you tell them, “Yeah, that was my project and blog.”

… you see pictures of your bed or your kids come up over and over on Pinterest.

… you have to bite your tongue when a friend sends you a link showing you a “unique” project and you want to say, “Yeah, I’ve seen that project on blogs for the past 5 years”.

… you have more cans of spray paint in your garage than a graffiti artist/tagger.

… you know more about the craft supplies at your local craft store than the employees do.

… your spray paint collection includes a dozen different shades of silver alone, haha!

… you have an entire good-sized drawer dedicated to adhesives alone.

… you get messages from your friends on Facebook at least once a week, asking you how to redo a piece of furniture

your friends show up at your house with chairs they rescued from the curb because they immediately thought of you. (True story – that’s where my matching set of 4 retro chairs in my craft room came from!)

… you are at a party and someone says “I wish I had some barnwood for a project”. And you say “there is some in my trunk”.

… there is glitter PERMANENTLY on your kitchen table. *sigh* {The Country Chic Cottage}

…your daughter does the scrapbook for her high school club. The teacher asks for receipts for the supplies you purchased. “Huh?? I had it all at home.”

…you have at least 10 different types of sheet music in the closet (and you don’t play an instrument).

‎…you get too excited about a deal on a ribbon organizer.

… you decorate for Halloween in August, Christmas in October, and Valentine’s on December 27th.

… you make more presents than Santa’s elves.

you miss 1/2 of every show you watch because either:A) You had to run to the other room to get a craft itemB) You had to go to the garage to paint another coat

… you considered making your own Charlie Brown Christmas tree out of the free tree “scraps” they give away at Home Depot…

… Lowes is on your favorites list on your phone. Right after Joann’s.

… your neighbors flag you down to tell you there is a piece of dust covered, spider web engulfed piece of furniture on the curb. {Pretty Handy Girl}

… more glass bottles and jars go towards a craft project than the recycling bin.

… your family already knows to buy you gift cards to Lowe’s or Home Depot for Christmas.

… your husband simply asks, “What power tool do you want for (insert holiday, birthday, anniversary here) this year?”

… when buying project supplies, you’ve told the craft clerk about your blog, then given them a business card or scratched down your url address on receipt paper.

you are just as excited to receive a gift of diamond cutting blades as you are when the gift is real diamond jewelry!

… you’re in a beautiful hotel or restaurant and your first thought is what you can make from things like stir sticks , coasters, napkins etc.

… you buy a bunch of wreath forms at the dollar tree. The clerk says “making wreaths”. And you say “no”. Hello…they are for snowmen!??!?

… you are buying a stack of plates at the dollar store and the employee at the checkouts points out that one has a chip on the edge, and you say, “that’s okay, I’m just going to take them home and smash them with a hammer anyway.”

… you fall asleep with your iPhone and your husband has to close out a project tutorial because it woke him up…

… you rearrange your master so that you can have a sewing station, a cutting table, fabric storage, ironing board and a design wall. Sorry honey. No room for a side table for you! {Love Affair With My Brother}

… people comment on your lovely scarf, you say “Oh, I just posted the tutorial for it here”, and hand them a business card.

… you can confidently answer “I’m a blogger.” when someone asks what you do.

… you have to use your computer to call your cell phone because it’s lost in all the craft supplies on your coffee table. Thank goodness for my iPhone and MobileMe! {Mod Podge Rocks}

… the little area between your kitchen sink and the wall is full of drying paintbrushes.

… your family has to ask before eating seasonal candy, throwing away TP rolls, or cleaning up clutter because you might need any of that for your next project.

… you have more paint brushes and paint trays in your refrigerator than you have food.

… you have to move flat cardboard boxes off the floor so you can get to your bed. (last night)

… you have recently-made ice cream cake, Christmas cookies, Christmas Crack, candy-dipped pretzels, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows all in the house, but you make another dessert “for the blog.

… you are driving on “autopilot” and instead of arriving at your house, you find yourself in the JoAnn’s parking lot!

… the checkout people at Joanns all know you by name, and the fabric cutters know how many yards you usually get of certain fabrics {Sweet C Designs}

… you’re in the middle of a remodel/room makeover and your mom says, “you should take pictures of the before and after…” and you feel down right insulted that she even thought she had to suggest that. 😉 Hello, I am a blogger, puctures are what I do! {Always in Wonder}

… you’re seeing less and less of your craft stores because you’ve started buying your craft supplies online. IN BULK.

… you know which of the cashiers at Joann and Michaels are more flexible with coupon rules than others (and you do a fist pump when you get one of these cashiers!).

… your fingernail polish is modge podge.

… you save the Martha Stewart glitter jar cuz it has a neat l’il pour thingie that surely you can use for something else.

… your children name your two new pet fish Sparkles and Glue…


Have any you’d like to add? Share them in the comments!

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