Getting Inspired Twitter Chat Recap 1.16

Photo by Flickr user Sterin

One of the hardest things to do as a craft blogger is get inspired. Sounds crazy, right? Not really. We blog day after day, create day after day, and sometimes it just gets to be overwhelming. So how do you jump start the creativity, especially when you don’t have any? Here were a few suggestions:

  • Craft shopping
  • Nature walks
  • Window shopping
  • Pinterest
  • Crafty hangouts
  • Antique mall/flea market
  • Shop your own stash
  • Magazines/books


But those were just a few. More can be found in the chat transcript. We also talked about the ethics of knock offs, putting your own spin on things and ways to get inspired to write (not just create). There’s no “magic pill,” but there are ways to manage yourself and your time to get the creative results that you want. One of the most important things is to take care of your emotional and physical health so that you don’t burn yourself out. Doing so will make you less productive on your blog, but more importantly, less engaged with your family and other things in your personal life.

There are a lot of good tips from other Crafterminds folks – the transcript is below for your review. Join us next week on TweetChat as we talk about improving writing skills (Monday, 4pm EST/1pm PST). See you then!

01 16 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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