Why Pinterest Makes Me Want to Cry (Sometimes)

Let me start by saying I do NOT hate Pinterest. I’m a user and I will continue to be a user. Pinterest does a lot of good: inspires a lot of people and can promote creativity. But sometimes Pinterest makes me want to cry. Here’s why.


When Pinterest started early last year, I got an invitation in my e-mail box. I believe it was from of my readers. I’ve always been a late technology adapter, but for whatever reason I signed up (I might have just had ice cream and was in a good place). I started adding people to my account before I really knew what it was – this is typically my default action when I’m confused. As if adding friends will make the lightbulb go off, and I will suddenly KNOW. Yeah, that didn’t happen. After I was done adding friends, I left it for awhile. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

When Pinterest started becoming relatively popular, I finally decided to log in and check it out. WOW! So much – stuff. The visual feast of eye candy was . . . a visual feast. I think in my first “real” session with Pinterest, I spent several hours just looking. This was followed by MANY sessions of scrolling, sorting and pinning. Picture the earth spinning around me, the sun rising and setting – and I’m still on Pinterest. I built my boards, and my boards were colorful and good. Then one day, the thought crept in.

I hate Pinterest.

Oh! I put my hand over my mouthΒ as though I had said it out loud. Did I just think that? I couldn’t have just thought that. I’m on here for hours, I said to myself; this is my new life. How can I hate Pinterest? I need to take a break and think about this! So I did. I set up an electric shock machine to ding me every time I went to the site. Not really – I just stayed off of it completely for about a week. And then I realized: I don’t hate Pinterest.

But there are some things that really bother me about it.

I wanted to share what those things are and see if they bother you, too. Then I will tell you how I came to terms with Pinterest (and about our current relationship). So without further adieu, here are the things about Pinterest that make me want to cry.

        1. About half the time, it doesn’t work. Sometimes I can’t create boards, sometimes I can’t pin. Most of the time I can’t follow boards. But this isn’t even the worst. The worst is the dreaded “502” error that occurs with most of my searches. I have spent hours pressing the back button, saying to myself “this time it’s going to work” and then it doesn’t. Um, if I can’t find a rainbow striped sock monkey to pin in about five seconds, I’m dumping this entire computer table over! Pinterest, why hast thou forsaken me?
        2. I get completely overwhelmed. Have you gone into Pinterest frozen mode yet? Because I have. There are so many images in so many different categories: home decor, recipes, crafts. . . . I start scrolling down the screen and then without warning,Β I suddenly lock down – staring at the screen with my mouth hanging slightly open. I have double-chin issues when my mouth is slightly open, so this sight is not pretty. It’s happened a few times. I’m serious. I’ll take a picture.
        3. My creative juices stop flowing. Either someone’s already done it, or they’ve done it better than me. Or #2 has made it so that my brain doesn’t work, so I can’t think of anything new. Colors and textures become meaningless – nothing can be as pretty as what I’ve seen on everyone’s boards. Then I take a look at my own stash, and it looks really boring. The ultimate result? Being on Pinterest = not making anything. Which is completely against the reason that I started using it in the first place.
        4. I see a lot of stuff I can’t have. I know this one sounds bratty, but typically I don’t see so many things that I want and can’t have on one page. It’s very different than looking into a store window and thinking, “I like that sweater, but it’s too expensive.” I’m an adult; I can deal with that. But everyone has a breaking point, and there are only so many pairs of $400 shoes that I can watch pass by my eyes before I get a little sad. I think to myself, “I would be better if I had those silver star mary janes with glitter heels.” I also look at a lot of rooms that I’m never going to have in my future home, or clothing that my future children will never be able to wear because I will never be able to afford these things. I’m just a human. Sometimes the feelings of inadequacy slip in without warning.
        5. One word: thinspiration.Β Your abs might look like the surface of the moon, but mine do not. And each day there are an increasing number of boards featuring rock hard stomachs or butts. I like sugar too much, plus I work on a computer – it ain’t gonna happen. I also happen to know a lot of rock hard people. They are not on Pinterest at all, because they are in the gym 24/7. I’m not saying other people shouldn’t aspire to that, I’m simply saying that SO many of the pictures are dedicated to ripped-ness that it’s cloggin’ my stream.
        6. Some pins lead me nowhere. Occasionally I want to know where a project came from, particularly in the DIY/Craft category. Sometimes trying to find a source is a complete fail. Let me share an example. I see a particular sewing technique that I’m interested in (probably having to do with stripes or polka dots) and then I press the source link button. It goes to another pin in Pinterest (you can put a link to another pin when you pin something). I press it again. Another pin. I start to get frustrated and then angry that I’m in a Pinterest death spiral. There are many articles on Pinterest etiquette, but let’s face it – no one cares. They pin whatever is easiest.


So there you go. I realize that not everyone is like me. Some of you may have had none of these issues and/or are better able to manage your time. Some of you are even MORE creative now that Pinterest is around. But me? Well, I’ve been spending a lot less time on there these days. I give it about 15 minutes a day, at the max. I pin, I repin and I unfollow boards that don’t work for me. I don’t let myself feel inadequate, and if someone did “it” better than me – oh well. And as a result, Pinterest and I are much better friends these days.

Now it’s your turn. Are you an addict? Do you love everything about Pinterest – or is there anything you don’t like? Are you more or less creative now that Pinterest is around?

If you want to visit some tongue-in-cheek sites or read some interesting Pinterest articles, check out the following:


“Thinspiration” image credit to Flickr user lulemon athletica
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70 Responses to “Why Pinterest Makes Me Want to Cry (Sometimes)”

  1. lizzie says:

    I was really excited when I downloaded the pinterest app for Iphone. However, it crashes after about 5 minutes every time I use it. If Pinterest don’t sort these problems out someone else will come up with a solution that works better before they can say “rainbow striped sock monkey “.

    • amy says:

      Haha! I haven’t downloaded the app yet, but I’ve head about the crashing. I probably shouldn’t download it because then I’ll just be adding to the problems πŸ˜€

    • Michele says:

      My iPhone app crashes a lot too. My android app isn’t much better either.

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Hi! Thanks for including me in your list. So glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. You make so many good points about Pinterest not working half the time and how it stifles and overwhelms our creativity. I hate that too. And all those ripped abs and buns?! Damn it. I should make a pic of my muffin top into a catchy pin that says “I blog and I’m squishy,” or “Powered by WordPress.”

  4. I want to love Pinterest, but I just don’t. I agree with all of the reasons you mentioned, plus more. I find it hard to search. Also, there are times when I don’t want the whole world to see what I’m pinning, like if I’m planning a gift or something. I’ve looked for a way to make my pins private, but can’t find it. I’m not crazy about the UI in general.

    • amy says:

      I’ve heard many people asking for private boards. Hopefully they’ll get to that soon.

      • Dandi says:

        I completely agree! I have a business and get legitimate ideas from Pinterest and don’t want some people seeing what I’m doing on there. I love pinterest in general, but would love not everyone to see everything I’m doing!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Big Pinterest pet peeve: I pin something using the Pinmarklet. I go to look at my boards later, and the photos don’t show up. You know, when you look at your list of boards and they are speckled with little squares that say “photo of a pin.” I mean, isn’t that the whole point??

  6. I feel your pain. It rarely works on the iPad and on Twitter the Pinterest staff never responds to people’s tweets.

    I like the inspiration, however I find myself like most people, wanting to make some things on there and then I’m thinking ~ Am I being creative here or am I just copying some other person’s project?

    The duplication of pins is strange too. When you go to inspiration, it’s the same 5 photos repeated.

    • amy says:

      I firmly believe if you get a Twitter account you need to respond. Or don’t have one. Having a handle just for Twitter candy doesn’t do anyone any good. They should at least get an intern to say they are looking into it!

      I agree on the copying. Sometimes I don’t WANT to see all that stuff because what if I see something that I thought was a great idea? I would rather not know, then I can just proceed with my version of it without any pressure that I am snagging someone else’s idea.

      • Becki says:

        Exactly! And what if I had the idea before I saw it and now I won’t make it because I think people will know I saw the project and am just copying even if I really wasn’t. Ugh, too complicated and great minds think alike doesn’t always work as an explanation. LOL

        • Michele says:

          I worry about the copy cat think too. Some of the things I see on Pinterest I have known about for a long time. Remember the old commercial where they had reached the end of the Internet? Sometimes I go to my home feed and just see repins of my pins and I think “Oh no! I’ve reached the end of Pinterest.

  7. Katie says:

    I have a lot of those same issues. I just posted a defense of pinterest last week on my blog (in response to Manjoo’s slate article), but I’ll admit that there are things that bother me about it too. First and foremost are the thinspiration posts, which make me want to commit murder. Sorry, that’s maybe an irrational response, but they annoy me and make me feel serious concern for whoever’s posting them. Also, the not making things because I’m overwhelmed by all the awesome things I COULD make problem. And the I want 10,000 things now problem. Definitely all of those.

  8. Tauni says:

    Duuuude. I totally feel your pain. I think perhaps my BIGGEST pet peeve is that in NEVER works on the iPad. Ever. Which is only slightly more annoying than the fact that it is down half the time.

  9. My 2 pet peeves – too long to load/respond, and links that go nowhere.

    I’ll admit – sometimes I’m too lazy to research a link before I repin, but that’s just when I want the pin photo for reference; I don’t care about a tute or anything.

    Two things I love about Pinterest – increased blog traffic and great way to bookmark.

    Great article, Amy. You’re not alone πŸ˜‰

    • amy says:

      Colleen!! Yes, totally agree on the loves. I need to write a follow up article – Why Pinterest Makes me Want to Dance (sometimes) hahaha!

      • one more peeve – when you click on a pin, go to the link, and then return to Pinterest main page you lose your spot. This drives me cuhrazee.

        • Spark*Amy says:

          Hold down CTRL when you click and it will open in a new tab or window (depending on your setups). That way your main page is still up and you can just click back over. πŸ™‚

          • Sabrina says:

            THANK YOU! I hate it when I have to scroll back down to find where I left off. I had no idea there was a way to open a pin in a new window.

          • Trimble says:

            Okay, I can’t get CTRL click to work for me as of a few days. Are you having the same problem??

          • Crystal says:

            YOU SAVED ME!I love pinterest but with the new set up I could no longer open pins in a new tab it was SO annoying!I do agree with all you listed above but I am a very visual learner/organizer so it fits perfect with that area for me. I do HATE the pins that lead no where its so annoying. Thank you!!!

          • terry says:

            I want to knowif there is away to printthe boardsand info I want to have a physical copy of or is that not allowed..cant find anywhere to hit print..if thereisnt im getting off pinterest…please someone help

  10. Justine says:

    Wow, thanks for including my link! Apparently there are a lot of us out there with love-HATE relationships with Pinterest.

  11. Angelique says:

    I’m glad I haven’t run into the problems you have with Pinterest, because then I’d hate it, too! Knock on wood, it’s been working for me. Here’s one problem, however, that you didn’t mention:

    Once in a while it hates a photo of mine and won’t show it on my account! I have no idea why; the photo shows up on the actual board. Also, once in a while it won’t show a thumbnail of one of my pins, although the pin itself is okay.

    If someone posts good things about one subject (let’s say food) and things that don’t interest me about another subject (let’s say home decor) I just follow their board that interest me. I think I would definitely unfollow a board filled with gym pics! And I wouldn’t follow a board with department-store shoes, which are way more boring than shoe fans think. (If it makes you feel better, the people pinning those can’t afford them, either. That’s why they pin them.)

  12. Becki says:

    I don’t go to Pinterest anymore for all of the reasons you gave, with number 1 and3 being the biggest.

    Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one with issues. πŸ˜‰

  13. Molly says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hates when my feed is saturated with “thinspiration” pictures (or workout plans, or fad diets, or magical weight loss remedies…). That’s great that you want to get fit, but why do you feel the need to share? I go on there for yummy treat recipes full of butter and sugar for pete’s sake!

  14. Sharon says:

    Great article! I LOVE Pinterest because of all the great recipes and home ideas I find; however, there are things I don’t like in addition to those you mentioned (which I totally agree with). Today I found something new not to like – the creeping presence of businesses into Pinterest. I read that the Today Show for one icon there so started following their boards, three hours later I have I followed. They are only there to promote the show which I already watch – nothing new or interesting and it is just cluttering up my feeds. Grrrr.

  15. eileensideways says:

    i use pinterest on pc or laptop. it doesn’t freeze for me ever. u don’t have to follow everyone. when certain pins monopolize my board, i unfollow that person’s board. my pet peeve is when people feel the need to put the entire recipe into the description so that when it is published, that particular pin stretches the entire length of my screen. but just wait a few minutes and that pin is lost in the shuffle. i have discovered new blogs, new recipes, new products, DIY’s that i never knew existed. i love pinterest.

  16. Sandi says:

    I can’t figure out how to do it and I am glad. I don’t need to waste my time looking at how other people craft better than I do. I need to keep crafting instead!!

  17. Shenan thorn says:

    I never have the technical issues that some have like crashing or unable to pin, etc. What drives me crazy is it started out as a crafty type inspirational thing and some people use it wrong i think. Like my kid can’t be a member because of some of the dumb vulgar things people post. Like I really need to buy or knit a pair of men’s boxers that have a special pocket for their male parts. Yucky!!

    • amy says:

      Shenan, yes I am starting to see a wider variety of stuff on there. Some people are using it as a bookmarking site (like for local events, let’s say). It’s interesting to watch the progression. And I have not seen those boxers. And I hope I don’t πŸ˜€

  18. Peace says:

    *applause* I’ve been snarky about Pinterest since it happened also. The pins leading to nowhere, ack, so true, and my biggest irk. I was on Tumblr before Pinterest came along, and altho it’s mostly rife with 16 year olds, those 16 year olds have more ‘reblog’ ettiquette (and current events savvy) than half the Pinterested adults. I happen to own my own 16 year old, and I explained to her that interest is like Tumblr without emotions. “So why go there?” Why indeed. #mouthsofbabes

  19. Lisa says:

    Wow, this is a great article. I don’t have most of these issues but I still found it interesting to read. I am a very crafty person and Pinterest has just exploded my creativity. I have made so many awesome projects that I LOVE that I’d never of known about if not for this site. Its taken my crafts to a whole new level and I love that. My project seem more complete or finished instead of sort of half-done.

    However, I signed up solely to have a place to put all my ideas that I’ve seen. I never did it to ‘follow’ or be followed, although I do. I was wanting to clear out my bookmarks and saved emails and Pinterest did the trick. I do follow and unfollow for the reasons that you state. (I was following someone for scrapbooking and she posted what seemed like HUNDREDS of sketches every minute. I had to get rid of her! (And I’d NEVER have known about you, Amy, if not for Pinterest and your basics of Mod Podge alone make the downside worthwhile!)

    As for the actual program. I want drag and drop. I started with a few boards and have many now. But I have things in one board and want them somewhere else. You have to repin then delete. What a pain! I’d also like to be able to put a person’s name in like you can do on FB if I see something I think someone I know might like.

    I don’t see a ton of this thinispiration you talk about – maybe that’s good because its not gonna happen. Craft or work out? That’s not a tough choice for me πŸ™‚

    • Spark*Amy says:

      If you want to “move” a pin to another board, just click on EDIT and then change the board. It will take you to your “new” board instead of where you left which is kind of annoying, but it is one step move. I did this when I separated out my Holiday board to individual holiday ones. πŸ™‚

  20. Stephanie says:

    Pinterest would not be so mind numbing if it were searchable, think eBay keywords. If you pin something, then use an actual, *searchable* keyword to describe your pin. People see something they like on Pinterest, they repin, and they ‘tag’ their pin with something like “adorable”, but unless you search Pinterest for the word adorable you’re not going to see that pin – adorable what? Adorable shoes, okay, it will show up when I search for shoes. Without adequate descriptions it’s a junk drawer, not the neatly organized board it could/should be. Yes, I am guilty of this myself. After a few months of being numbed I’ve realized how much I appreciate the people who used good descriptions in their tags, because I stopped scrolling through all the pins and cut straight to the things I want to see. Is it too late to make that my New Years resolution? To go back and edit all my existing tags with good descriptions – maybe that will save my love/hate relationship…

    • That is my biggest peeve…I don’t think people realize that the sight uses the descriptions of your pins in searches. Once I figured that out, I have been writing searchable descriptions on all my pins. As for the errors, I’m the last person in America still on dial-up internet and I thought it was just my connection….glad to hear it is not…seems to happen in the evening hours when they have heavy usage….they need to upgrade their servers!!! I to followed to many when I first joined and have paired it down considerably…..but time can certainly slip away on there!!! Use a timer, I do!!

  21. Technical glitches aside…Pinterest can add to the faster and faster pace (to me) of things/ideas online. It is fun, in a way to see all of those awesome things. But, I agree that it can be overwhelming!
    I’ve taken a big step back from how much I pin and how much time I spend on the site. I still love it as a way to catalog things I do find and it is a great tool if I’m looking for something specific.

    The other thing that makes me sad about Pinterest? As a creative blogger, my blog comments have gone waaay down since Pinterest got going. But it is hard to complain about that fact when Pinterest is now one of my top referrers. (one lovely blogger I know called pins of your posts ‘silent comments’… and I like that analogy! ;D)

    • amy says:

      All very good points my friend! I do use it to search when I’m doing feature roundups for another site, which is great because I go right to those blogs and then the traffic goes right there. So it’s basically a researching tool.

      And yes to the second paragraph. I can only complain so much πŸ˜€

  22. Thanks for the link! And I am right there with you with the “thinspiration” thing.

  23. karen Weight says:

    Yes, I am sick of seeing all the thinspiration pictures. Too much! I also hate all of the inappropriate(to me) pictures and quotes. I hear and see that stuff enough on TV, etc. I don’t want to have to cover my kids eyes when she takes a peek at what I am looking at on Pinterest. Other than THAT I love it!!

  24. Erika says:

    So true, I just had to pin it. πŸ™‚

  25. Leslie says:

    Definitely understand a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I used to get the 502 error a lot, but I haven’t seen it in a while. I pretty much just limit my Pinterest time to standing in line at the store or waiting to get my hair cut! (Or if I just see something on a blog that I absolutely have to come back to!)

  26. Jen says:

    so glad you wrote this!! I completely agree but I thought it was my lack of computer savvy for why I couldn’t make things work! Now I can take myself off the hook!!

  27. Janice says:

    We have a daily internet allowance and pinterest takes a huge chunk of our megabyte allowance, to the point I can’t do anything else online if I play on pinterest very long.

    I also get aggravated that non blogging friends think that all the stuff on pinterest is new, never before seen on the internet before things. They don’t realize all the bloggers have done the work, creating projects, ect, before it’s pinned on pinterest. They treat pinned items like they are great, yet would never look something up on a blog. I feel people have a big misconception about how it all works.

    Will say that I do like to occasionally look for some great ideas, but I’m not very good at creating boards. I want to move on to my projects too quickly, to go through the pinning process.

  28. Kat says:

    I’ve looked at Pinterest twice, briefly, and really don’t have a mind to travel there at all. Yes, the pictures are nice. And it’s nice seeing new things, but that’s it for me. Call me dense, but I don’t see what all the hoopla is about! I’m surprised at myself- I’m an ‘addicted easily’ person, but Pinterest doesn’t pull my trigger. Sorry, fans! Nothing against you!

  29. honestly, what gets to me is that there are no private boards!! I am building a house and I’m marking things like toilets and well, just things I’d rather not have the world following me on!!! AND, since I am a rather private person, it also bothers me that people can see the prices (either if I wrote it on the board or if they click the link) on everything I want! I wanted a dog bowl set that was more money than I would have wanted to spend on a dog (75.00) and I hated pinning it because my friends would be able to see it but I wanted it in my dream file (OK, I bought it but I’m not telling anyone) All to say, I am a blogger that has NOT used pinterest on my blog…..I don’t have any follwer button, I don’t want people to follow me until Pinterest makes a privacy option. I’m guessing I am hurting my blog (by not letting my readers know about my pinterest account) but I guess that is just one social tool I’m not willing to use until I get that PRIVATE board option!

  30. Sibylle says:

    i totally agree, especially with no 2!

  31. Laura in 'bama says:

    Ditto! I just got my invite not long ago and am still trying to figure it all out, but the one thing that absolutely makes me crazy is when I’m scrolling and keep seeing the same images come up. Why is that??? I don’t wanna see the same stuff over and over when I hear there is so much more to see! =D

  32. ….It was refreshing to read! (was the rest of that sentence!)

  33. I am SO with you on the glitches (if it errors or won’t pin, I usually wait an hour then try again and by then it’s been fixed) and also on pinning etiquette. The worst?? When someone pins a recipe or project directly from a blog’s main page or from food/craftgawker. this means the pin only leads back to the main page, or to the food/craftgawker home page, and not to the project or recipe itself! and if the pin was pinned months ago, good luck finding it. that’s my biggest pinterest pet peeve. other then that, i have actually made many projects inspired by pinterest and many recipes.

  34. Megan says:

    You hit the nail on the head. I love Pinterest and I am super addicted but I’m running into problems.
    My current pet peeve is with the comments. Sometimes I will pin to a tutorial or blog with the intention of people I know seeing it, and I will provide my own commentary. It drives me up the wall when people repin something without changing the comment. Sometimes they don’t even take my friend’s tag out. Ridiculous. If you are pinning items so fast that you can’t read/fix the commentary then you have a problem.

  35. Melissa says:

    pins leading nowhere is the worst. and, i also REALLY wish you could make boards private. you should also check out to see gripes about pinterest.

  36. Judy Henderson says:

    I was so happy to get my invite last night, but when I clicked on the button I found that the only two ways to join Pinterest is through twitter – which I don’t use (am I the only one?) and facebook, which I do use BUT you have to download the new Facebook timeline app which I really really don’t like – so disappointed. So right now my invite is sitting in my email inbox in limbo.

  37. Sabrina says:

    I kind of feel like Pinterest is just a “grown-up” version of “We Heart It”, which I was on before Pinterest. I use both sites, still, but a lot of times the same photo will be on both. I can often find more {and different things} that I’m searching for on “We Heart It”.

    I’m definitely one of those bad “pinners”. I got a Pinterest invite when the site was new, last year. I never really knew how to use it, but once I figured it out I was hooked. The only thing is, I didn’t realize there were articles on how to pin. I am super guilty of just pinning and not finding the sources. Oops! Sorry to everyone out there I may not have given proper credit.

  38. I am new to Pinterest. I would see other people use it, and when I would check it out I would feel overwhelmed. I gave in and joined last month. I have not repined too many things and pinned my first one yesterday. I am still overwhelmed by it all. Believe it or not I learned from this blog. I did not know you could find an original pin.

    What amazes me is that people are following my pins…

  39. I loved Pinterest at first, but after awhile my creative “juices” just stopped. All I could think about what the perfect projects page after page on Pinterest, so I stopped going on. Pinterest does do some amazing pins though, just recently I had my first experience with one of my images going pin-viral. That makes me love pinterest.

  40. Oh, by the way – If you want to see where an image actually goes instead of a dead end, drag the image into your google search bar, and then click “search by image” you can usually find the original source that way! πŸ™‚

  41. Mickey Betz says:

    I have sent several message on Pinterest’s trouble page. The only one I really got an answer to was about nudity and cussing on the site. They explained their policy and I was done with that one. I had a question about how long my LIKE folder remains on file; no answer. Then I could not download any of my jpeg files; no answer. I was finally able to do it with a new Pinterest button…Trying to be helpful, I discovered a bunch of Spammers, whatever, they had accounts under phony sounding names and they all had 351 boards. The boards were stupid and would usually have 1 or 2 pins (that had nothing to do with the board they were in). This was way back in April and I never heard from them. I think I helped avoid a problem and it would be nice to be thanked…Pinterest was having a problem with not being able to pin…they advised using a different browser, I did it did not help. It finally started working, I don’t know if they did anything or not..
    One of the things I like about Pinterest is that you would get emails from them, telling us who repinned our pins, who liked them, but the 2 most important items (who started following my account, you would usually reciprocate and follow them & any comments that were made on the repins from others that you would like to respond to)
    I complained on June 17, I got a really stupid answer back because of the kind of problem I had to check in a box…I wrote again on June 25 and asked why they ignore me, no answer…on the 28th, I was so frustrated I was in tears and told them I would gladly spend $20 a month for Pinterest, if only to get a response from them about my problem….I am soooooo frustrated///

  42. Mickey Betz says:

    Another complaint, I just rearranged all my boards, be sure to hit the red button often so it would take the change. I had to do the whole thing twice and I gave up. It is a pain, the way we have to move the boards around….

  43. Alex says:

    Thanks for a great article! I can totally relate to this. I have such a love/hate thing with Pinterest. It’s as inspiring as it is an achilles heel.
    The biggest pet peeves I have are a) their search engine – one day you can search for say Apples and then the next day if you search you’ll never find the photo you found the day before. So if you get the “error” and can’t pin it, good luck! Which leads to B) people’s descriptions of pins. “LOVE IT!” and “OMG must have!” doesn’t help me find my dream kitchen.
    It seems more people want private boards. They should get on that. I’ve started taking much longer breaks from there these days.

  44. this was funny - ty says:

    where is the button so i can LIKE this on facebook???

  45. Mrs.C says:

    Oh… I have the same love hate relationship with Pinterest! I moniter myself to going on only once or twice a week because I would lose track of time as I was looking and pinning in Pinterest Land ! Hours would go by! Children would cry,” Where is our mother!”. I make sure I keep track of time now! The same glitches annoy me and at times will cause me to get off the site sooner because I can’t be bothered dealing with them! But I do love Pinterest! I have saved many a pin for inspiration and use in my classroom and home life! πŸ™‚

  46. Chelsea says:

    My biggest pintrest pet peeve is not getting my personal pins beyond my own boards. As if I am some big time scammer for posting my own pin once every few weeks in order to get a little exposure.

    And I totally agree on thinspo posts and seeing everyone else’s projects. Ahhhh! πŸ™‚

  47. Laura says:

    Great points!

    I have another reason to ‘hate’: whenever I click onto a pin to take a closer look (and maybe repin), when I press ‘back’ I am taken right to the top of the page again! I may have scrolled down through 500 images by that stage, so if I want to keep on where I left off it’s another long scroll to find my spot. So irritating!

  48. Alyssia Alexandria says:

    Hello Community:

    Thank you for having this resource:

    I am in a quandary:

    MANY people share pins from the various Pinsites I administer for unique audiences but I do not receive any credit in the form of followers for the hours of researching and curating that I put into finding all of the pins that get repined to other Pinners boards! The same happens on Facebook! I will get LOTS of shares for an original story, rhyme. poem or OpEd that I post but little or no likes for those shares that I know are being cut and paste and shared with people who are not fans of the pages I administer and for which I do not receive likes. As a result my FB fan page likes are a trickle or stagnant and the same with the Pinsites that keep getting repined but with no credit going to me in the form of followers?? Any suggestions? I do not mind and feel flattered that I get MANY shares and have MANY repins but if Pinterest and FB ( both of which make money from people such as my self ) were not part of the social network iconography I would delete my FB pages and the Pinsites I administer – I don’t need to see the information up in lights I already know where to find it – research, and writing are intuitive – its the working for free that I don’t like? Any hints on how to:
    turn FB shares into likes – both on individual posts and for the fan page
    and how to inspire the people who repin from my boards daily to acknowledge MY WORK and follow me?

    Thanks a bunch – will follow anyone who comments constructively:)


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