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Crafty Trends

A trend-a-thon: Red/Grey/Aqua combo, on pennants, with a bird on it, and mustaches... and creative use of { } in the text!

In my past Crafterminds Trends Challenge, the gauntlet was thrown down, and I challenged y’all to come up with projects that used as many of the listed trends as possible. I’ve had a blast creating my challenge piece, and I hope you’ve had fun making yours, too! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with, and how many trends you’ve been able to cram into one project!

To see all the challenge entries, click on link below. This will also allow you to enter your own project, if you have one. It would be great if you could link back to this post so that your followers get a chance to check out all the other challenge projects.

Thanks for playing along!



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12 Responses to “Crafterminds Trends Challenge”

  1. This is so fun! Thanks for hosting this contest/linky! I stepped a little outside the list with my crafty trends project, but many of them are still popular (I think?). Can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with!

  2. I had SO much fun with this!

  3. Anne says:

    I cannot even tell you how bummed I am this morning. I made an adorable and uber-trendy craft, photographed it during the two minutes of sunlight we’ve had here, and then my camera died and took all of my pictures with it. So no post for me today. 🙁

  4. Carol says:

    OK I intended to be much more creative about this but I’ve linked up two barely qualifying projects lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. amy says:

    This is definitely my favorite thing I’ve done in a long time! Thanks Carolina!!

  6. Anne says:

    I *finally* got my post live!! This was such a fun challenge!

  7. OMG this would be hilarious to do monthly or quarterly!!!!!!

  8. Mine won’t post! HELP!


    tenth try a charm?? This was the most fun challenge EVER!


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