Find Your Hook and 14 Tips for Writing a Great About Page

14 ways to write an about page

Your hook is what makes you unique. What separates you from all other bloggers? What does your blog focus on that others don’t? This hook should figure prominently at the beginning of your About page. Today at #crafterminds, we (and special guest Tiffany Silverberg) chatted about How to Write at Kick Butt About Page, and we spent about half the time talking about the elusive HOOK! Check out the transcript below to find out more about hooks, and other things you need for a great About page.

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 14 Tips for writing a great About page:

1. Get over yourself. This is the place to shamelessly self-promote.

2. But remember, this page is FOR YOUR READERS, so tell them stuff they are interested in.

3. Start with a hook – it’s what makes you different, unique, and special.

4. To really get to the meat of your hook, ask WHAT makes me unique, but then WHY is it meaningful? HOW does it apply to/interest my readers?

5. If you need help, ask friends, readers, and Facebook fans why they read your blog. What do they most like about you? What is special about your site?

6. Your hook should relate to your “brand.” If it doesn’t connect to your blog’s content, it shouldn’t be included.

7. Tell a story.

8. Write your About Page in similar language as you use on your blog – it should flow with your regular content.

9. Choose the right words, and leave out cliches.

10. Don’t include the same info as everyone else has on their blog About page, such as “I am a Stay at Home Mom.” That doesn’t make you unique (unless, you are a Stay At Home Mom in a rustic cabin with no running water or electricity!).

11. Put contact info on your About page, INCLUDING an email address where people can reach you.

12. Include a Call to Action – where should readers go after reading about you? Your top 5 posts? Make it easy and include links.

13. Don’t forget to include your personality, as well as a photo of you.

14. Consider adding an “about me” video as well.

Click here to go to our chat transcript on Scribd. Join us every Monday at 4pm Eastern on Twitter for #crafterminds chat.

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