Writing a Kick Butt About Page

If you don’t have an About Page, you need to write one. Right now. The About Page is an essential part of your blog; without it, your readers won’t be sure exactly who you are or what your blog is about. With a great About Page, you can convert casual readers into loyal ones, and loyal readers into rabid fans. Here are some steps to begin with, by our special guest Tiffany Silverberg, who is a freelance writer and consultant who helps her clients write the most compelling version of their stories. She’s also our guest at this week’s #crafterminds Twitter chat, which happens on Monday, 2/27 at 4pm Eastern.


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Write a Kick Butt About Page

by Tiffany Silverberg

Do your about pages and profiles really jump off the screen, or do they lug along? Do they make your heart skip a beat, or do they make you yawn? Is your about page a limp list of words – or a feisty tapestry showcasing your past and future? Let’s get your profile kicking some butt!

1) Find your hook.

Put on your reporter hat and become a journalist of your own story. Uncover a unique angle. Discover what makes you different. Ask yourself the tough questions. How are you different from everyone else out there? What moments have come together to make you and your brand what they are? And how do those stories lead up to today? What’s the common thread through them all? That’s your hook.

2) Cross connect one story to the next.

Weave them together with your hook. What did you learn in childhood, college, wherever, whenever that you use in your brand very day? Don’t just tell one story and then the other. Transition one to the other with your common theme.

3) Cut out all the cliches.

Sometimes if it sounds right, it’s because you have read it half a dozen times on other sites before. Be you. Tell your story of what drives you and what brought you here. Remove the phrases that everyone else uses.

4) Punch it up with a bit of your personality.

This isn’t an academic paper or a piece of journalism. This is the place for you to write from your perspective and with your voice. Use a little slang if it suits you. Use a family colloquialism. Share a joke. You don’t have to be corny or long-drawn out to inject a bit of you!

Tiffany is a foodie with an independent streak. As a freelance writer, she brings years of journalism and language experience to entrepreneurs and small businesses, telling their stories online and offline. When she’s not working, she’s drinking red wine, cooking, knitting or sewing or driving around, sometimes with her pilot husband in the passenger seat. You can visit her website at

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