13 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

13 blog post ideas

So you’re a craft blogger, but you don’t want to write a tutorial every single day. That’s a crazy amount of work! Today at #crafterminds Twitter chat, we brainstormed tons of great ideas for blog content. Check out what we came up with, and join us for our chats every Monday at 4pm on Twitter! A full transcript of the chat is available here.

13 Awesome Blog Post Ideas:

1. A “Day in the Life” post

What’s happening in your family’s life, your craft studio, or your workplace. Write this in an easy-to-read format with easy-to-pin photos.

Example Post: A Day in the Life of Rachel from One Pretty Thing

2. Haul or shopping posts

Love to thrift or have a fondness for the dollar store? Take photos of what you bought, and share with your readers. Or if you don’t have money, go “window shopping” in real life or online, snap some pictures and share. Be sure to tell your readers WHY you chose these items and what you plan to do with them — that’s the most interesting part. P.S. Haul posts are great when accompanied by a Haul Video!

Example Post: Michael’s Haul: Street Smarts Collection at Dollar Store Crafts

3. Feature other Bloggers or Projects

See something you like in blogland? Share it with your readers, and everyone wins. You have shared a great project, and given some link love (and positive affirmation) to the blog that created the project. The readers get the benefit of learning about something they might have not seen otherwise.

Example Post: DIY Newspaper Clutch at Mod Podge Rocks

4. Roundup Post

Like a feature, a roundup can feature many different articles in one post. Tie them together with a theme (like “10 spring wreaths”), or just choose randomly (“Weekend Roundup”). You can use this technique for your own blog posts, too, and unearth older posts from your blog that don’t get as much attention because they’re buried deep within your site.

Example Post: 5 Ways to Decorate With Ladders at Infarrantly Creative

5. Product Love Posts

Sometimes there’s a product, company, or service that you just love. Your readers would love to hear about it. If it fits in with your other content, posting about it on your blog makes sense.

Example Post: Decorating with Pre-Ruffled Fabric at Tatertots & Jello

6. Inspiration Posts

This is usually a type of roundup post where you share what is inspiring you at the moment. It can be a color, an image, a quote, or anything! Some bloggers regularly share Pinterest-inspired posts — what they have loved the most on Pinterest this week.

IMPORTANT: if you do a Pinterest-themed roundup, make sure you find the original source for the image and link back to that post INSTEAD of the pin where you found it. For instance, if you find a fun party idea on Pinterest, track the original source and then link up to Hostess With the Mostess (or wherever the idea came from originally).

link properly

Saying you found something on Pinterest is like saying you found it on Google. Pinterest and Google HELPED you find it, but it came from an original source.

Example Post of a Pinterest Roundup Done Right: Dollar Store Mom’s Pinterest Picks.

7. Get a little personal

If you are a craft blogger, getting personal might be totally foreign to your blog’s content. Your readers want to get to know you, though, so breaking out of the norm and inserting a personal post once in awhile is a great idea — especially if you write about a topic that is really big in your life right now. You don’t have to share EVERYTHING, but sometimes it is nice to show your readers your personal side.

Example Post: Aging: Finding Beauty in the Rust at Sand and Sisal

8. Post a Question or Problem and Ask for Help

Your readers want to get involved, and one way to do that (and to hook them emotionally on your blog), is to ask for help. It can be something as simple as “What can I make from Crystal Light Containers?” or something more complicated with specific restrictions. Or, just a random question like “What are you doing this weekend?” The level of complexity is up to you!

Example: White House Black Shutters has a series called “Help Me Wednesday.”

9. Interviews

If you aren’t feeling particularly interesting, perhaps someone else is! Ask your favorite bloggers, Etsy sellers, or commenters to answer a few questions via email, and post the interview.

Example Post: Craft. You Interview of Steve Bryant and here are some Tips for Creative Blog Interviews at Tara Gentile

10. Create a Resource Post

Create a resource post for your readers, such as a “13 blog post ideas post” (ha), a “Everything You Need to Know About… insert craft supply here,” a color palette, a printable, a chart, or some other item that will inspire them or help them create a better life.

Example Post: How to Paint Laminate Furniture at Living With Lindsay or Just Add Glitter Printable at Font Crafts

11. Share a Fail

In the spirit of keeping it real, share a snippet of what makes you less-than-perfect, like your messy desk, a pinterest project gone wrong, or a true confession. Your readers will be so happy to learn that you aren’t as perfect as your blog makes you look!

Example Post: Craftsy Supply List Gone Wrong at My Very Educated Mother


12. Video Blog

Change it up with a video of yourself! You can do any of these post topic ideas in video form. Just remember, when you do video, keep it short and to the point and give the viewer good content — just like you do in written blog posts! And, this is not necessary, but I always do a written recap with screenshots for my video posts because I don’t always feel like watching a video to find out what’s in it, and I assume some of my readers feel the same way!

Example Post: Japanese Dollar Store Haul

13. Review Post

Review a book, product, or event you attended. Whatever type of review, readers always love to get your take on stuff.

Example Post: Creative Estates by 5ohwifey

That should get you started!

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