Expanding Blog Content with Features & Roundups

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Five tips for incorporating Features (highlighting another blog’s project) and Roundups (a group of craft project features in one post) into your blog’s content:

  • Find inspiration for features or round-ups anywhere! Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Link Parties and blogs you regularly read! Consider featuring bloggers that read your blog, too.
  • It is generally accepted practice to snag one picture, and link back when featuring someone, without always asking for permission ahead of time. Do not copy the post, instead, write a teaser or preview to encourage your readers to link through.
  • Let your fellow blogger know they’ve been featured! Send an e-mail, tag them on Facebook, or shout out in a Tweet. We all love knowing our posts are being shared in blogland.
  • Round-ups or features can be about anything. Do a seasonal round-up for an upcoming holiday, or a round up of posts that make the most of a specific trend, or just a handful of projects you’ve fallen in love with.
  • By featuring others or doing roundups, you signal that you are a friendly member of the craft blog community. Being featured is a BIG DEAL to a blogger! It validates her time and efforts.
  • And if you’ve been featured, take a minute to thank the blogger… leave a comment, tweet their link, add their feature button to your website, or send ‘em an e-mail.

We talked about Features & Roundups at today’s #crafterminds Twittter chat. We have chats every Monday at 4pm Eastern, so join us next time. If you missed today’s #crafterminds Twitter chat, here’s the chat transcript you can read:

Crafterminds Chat Transcript — Blog Content: Incorporating Features and Roundups

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