Expanding Blog Content with Features & Roundups

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Five tips for incorporating Features (highlighting another blog’s project) and Roundups (a group of craft project features in one post) into your blog’s content:

  • Find inspiration for features or round-ups anywhere! Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Link Parties and blogs you regularly read! Consider featuring bloggers that read your blog, too.
  • It is generally accepted practice to snag one picture, and link back when featuring someone, without always asking for permission ahead of time. Do not copy the post, instead, write a teaser or preview to encourage your readers to link through.
  • Let your fellow blogger know they’ve been featured! Send an e-mail, tag them on Facebook, or shout out in a Tweet. We all love knowing our posts are being shared in blogland.
  • Round-ups or features can be about anything. Do a seasonal round-up for an upcoming holiday, or a round up of posts that make the most of a specific trend, or just a handful of projects you’ve fallen in love with.
  • By featuring others or doing roundups, you signal that you are a friendly member of the craft blog community. Being featured is a BIG DEAL to a blogger! It validates her time and efforts.
  • And if you’ve been featured, take a minute to thank the blogger… leave a comment, tweet their link, add their feature button to your website, or send ‘em an e-mail.

We talked about Features & Roundups at today’s #crafterminds Twittter chat. We have chats every Monday at 4pm Eastern, so join us next time. If you missed today’s #crafterminds Twitter chat, here’s the chat transcript you can read:

Crafterminds Chat Transcript — Blog Content: Incorporating Features and Roundups

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3 Responses to “Expanding Blog Content with Features & Roundups”

  1. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for hosting the Twitter chat! It was so insightful for a new DIY blogger like me.

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    That graphic cracks me up!

  3. Anshu says:

    Oh yeah! I realized the potential of “Features/Round Up” posts recently. I started doing weekly feature posts. I typically write the roundups on hubpages, which provides a great platform for such posts and then write a post on my blog pointing to the roundup on my hubpage. I typically include a pointer to one of my own tutorial as well if it fits with the theme of roundup. So far I have seen the following benefits of these:

    1. These hubpages generate some additional traffic and pins for my blog
    2. Hubpage also provides an additional stream of income ( albeit pretty small) but I keep getting a few pennies every now and then.
    3. Improves rapport with fellow bloggers ( I hope). I usually ask for permission from bloggers whose pics I include in my roundup, most of them are very welcoming of it.
    4. Hubpages typically have a much better SEO so my roundups have begun to appear in search engines much faster than the articles on my blog, this means that all the tutorials featured in my roundup benefit, including my own.

    So this has been an extremely rewarding exercise for me. One thing that was on my mind from your list was to let the bloggers know once I feature their tutorial, I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I think its a great idea and I will do it from my next roundups.
    Thanks for the article,

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