Getting Personal on Your Craft Blog

Here at Crafterminds, we cater to craft bloggers–bloggers who write about their crafts, projects, furniture makeovers, etc.  And when you are a craft blogger, it is a good idea to blog about crafts on a regular basis.  But every now and then, I think it’s okay to get personal. And for me, ‘every now and then’ seems to be at least once a week.

For 2012, I made a silent resolution to be more open and honest on my blog.  I knew this would come with the risk of negative feedback, but I was ready for it.  I had actually made it nearly two years without any mean comments on my blog.  But I had just had a baby and not lots of time for crafting, so I was going to add content in the form of really open, really honest personal posts about my experiences with having a baby.  Little did I know what I would get…

Why should you write personal posts?  

To Connect With Your Readers

Writing openly breaks down the barrier that exists between you and your readers.  Your reader might view you as this put-together person with a gorgeous house, happy and well-behaved children, and spend every hour creating beautiful things.  But we all know the truth–messy house, whiny kids, and crafting/blogging when we should be folding laundry.  And it’s okay if our readers know that!  It makes us more accessible and real.  Not all that glitters is Martha Stewart glitter.


To Boost Traffic

Sounds crazy right?  But you can actually boost your traffic sometimes by posting personal topics for a few reasons.  A) If you tag your post with keywords from your post you can reach out to readers searching for your topic, readers who ordinarily wouldn’t read your blog.  They may not become a regular reader, but numbers are numbers.  B)  Personal topics intrigue women who can relate and they will read your post where they might have skipped it.  They are also more likely to click through the reader and leave a comment, upping your numbers for your site.

Colleen Jorgenson from Mural Maker said, “I wrote some personal posts about my mishaps as a florist, just for fun and to let readers get to know me better. It was so well received I then felt ‘safe’ enough to reveal my painful infertility story, which still receives a decent amount of traffic. Go figure.”

To Receive Support

Your readers, especially your most faithful readers, will feel your pain if you post about a difficulty in your life.  They will write comforting comments that will encourage you and boost you up.  They can validate your insecurities.  I recently wrote about my difficult decision to stop breastfeeding my baby and I was afraid of being viewed as a failure.  But everyone who wrote in sent strong and positive comments, helping me to feel stronger in my decision.

Katie Waltemeyer from Sweet Rose Studio said, “I recently shared about my son’s speech struggle and recieved so many warm and comforting responses from my readers. My heart was hurting and they were able to help lift me up.”

To Get Advice

Everyone loves to give advice–especially mothers.  You ask a mom a simple question like “How should I potty train my kid?”  and you will receive a mouthful.  And as a mother of three, I have a LOT of questions.  I don’t mind asking my readers in my personal posts because they really have useful advice.

Negative Comments

However, there is a risk to opening up…putting yourself out there invites criticism.  Hopefully you will receive nothing but happy and comforting comments, but every once in awhile you will get a nasty mean comment.

When I wrote a post about getting my baby to sleep, I admitted some less than perfect strategies that I did.  At first I got comments that were relatable–“I totally did that too…sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!”  But after a few comments, they started to turn nasty.  Judgemental at first and then ridiculous (someone threatening to call CPS.)

It was my first time dealing with negative comments and it was HARD.  I totally cried to my sister on the phone.  But then I talked to another blogger friend and she informed me that the mean comments were sent from a hate forum–people who literally have nothing better to do than to distribute hate throughout the blogiverse.  They weren’t my regular readers and most of them probably aren’t even parents.

The point is that negative comments will happen with opening up.  {Read more about dealing with negative comments here.} But I really think that my blog has benefitted from my personal posts.  I feel so much more connected to my readers and so many of their comments have helped me immensely.  Blogging about my personal life helps me to have an outlet for my crazy life.

So don’t be afraid to open up to your readers…you never know what you’re gonna get.

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