How to Generate Traffic

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One of the epic blogging questions of the ages is “How do I get more people to read my blog?” The answers to that question are many and complex, but getting people on your blog begins with a few key things:

  • Good Content
  • Consistent Content
  • A Body of Content

In other words, it’s all about “Content, content, content!”

Confused about what exactly good content is? Well, it’s all about the reader. Do they find your articles useful, helpful, funny, entertaining, engaging, touching, infuriating? Readers are looking for one or more of these things, and won’t waste their time on a blog that doesn’t help them in some way.

Building great content is the foundation of having a highly trafficked blog, but there are many other things you can do to encourage people to come check you out (and continue to check you out). Here are some questions to ask yourself.

To build traffic, you should answer yes to most of these questions:

  • Are my headlines engaging?
  • Do I use beautiful photos?
  • Are my articles formatted in an eye-pleasing way?
  • Is my text readable? Do I use fonts that are easy on the eyes? Do I break up paragraphs regularly?
  • Do I spell-check and grammar check to make sure that my content is error-free?
  • Do I share links to my site via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Do I encourage readers to keep reading once they reach the end of this article?
  • Is my blog easy to navigate?
  • Can readers find my best articles?
  • Am I reaching new readers through guest posts, linky parties, or feature blogs?

Those questions should get you started. You can read today’s entire #crafterminds chat transcript: How to Generate Traffic, for a lot more great ideas on how to increase blog traffic.

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