My Blog Stats are Falling, What Do I Do?

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve heard many bloggers mention that their stats are down. Some are down 10%, some are down as much as 30% or more. Regardless of the size of your blog, it is always depressing to see a little red number with a minus sign when you log into Google Analytics.

Especially when you’ve been doing things “right.” You’ve been posting. And pinning. And Stumbling. And tweeting. And even trying to navigate Google+. And the new Facebook Timeline. But even after all that, you’re staring at your Google Analytics screen screaming “WHY!???”
Which, although the least productive of all of the aforementioned actions, seems to be the most cathartic.


Many of us are seeing a decline in our numbers. The second question to ask is “why?” The first question, of course, is “Would I rather have a glass of wine or be sipping tequila while I ponder this question?”
Back to the subject at hand – why are our readers not coming to see us in the numbers they used to? There could be lots of reasons:
1. The weather has been awesome. With the great weather, people are heading outdoors, which gives our readers less time to blog surf.
2. Spring Break. This happens over several weeks throughout the country, but regardless, it means the kids are home, which also means less time for all of us to eat bon-bons, watch soap operas, and check out our favorite blogs. Because really, that’s all anyone does all day – right?
3. Not as much Holiday crafting. We DIY bloggers get to reap the rewards of holiday-time traffic in the 4th quarter because of all the family holidays that require decor, entertainment, and gift-giving. St. Patty’s Day and Easter can’t compare to Christmas in the amount of DIY goodness.
4. More inspiration sources. In the past, to be inspired by you, a reader had to come directly to your blog. Now, there are many more ways they can be inspired by you. They can follow your blog in a reader, get e-mail updates, follow your Pinterest boards, or catch you other places online. If your blog numbers are down, but you have an ungodly number of followers on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like, perhaps your overall visibility is actually up?
5. Maybe we’ve gotten boring. I’m not saying this is true in all cases, or in your case. But when our numbers are down, we should always take a moment to look at our own blog to make sure we are delivering the kind of content our readers should be able to expect.


Assuming that any of the above, combined with other unknown forces (cyber black-hole, anyone?) are at work to kill your stats and make you want to hurl your laptop into oncoming traffic (and then make really pretty earrings from the remnants), what can we do about it?

1. Stop looking at your stats.
If the numbers are depressing you, don’t look at them. Staring at the numbers won’t change them, and getting upset is not going to help your creativity. Force yourself to look away. Take that time to go create something. And then blog about it.

2. Come up with a great idea.
Come up with something really creative that people will love. This could be a single project, a whole week of projects, or a collaborative project with one or more bloggers. Offer up guest posting opportunities on your blog, and guest post on the blogs of others to find new readers. Do something, several somethings, or a whole series of somethings that will have all those readers wondering how they managed without you.

3. Give yourself a break.
If all your readers are out on the beach digging their toes in the sand, planting gardens, or playing with their kids – instead of reading what you have to say – maybe they have the right idea. Consider a lighter posting schedule while traffic is slow, and use this time to revitalize yourself. Go grab coffee with a (gasp) non-blogging friend. Get a pedicure. Take the kids to the park. Catch up on laundry. That way, when you notice your numbers are down you can say to yourself, “No biggie, I wasn’t posting that much anyway.”

4. Contribute to the Community
The blogging community, that is! Build up some good bloggy-karma by promoting the posts of others – stumble, tweet, pin, and comment regularly. In these slow-traffic times, your efforts are even more likely to be noticed, and will surely be appreciated!

5. Know that it is okay
Every blog will have traffic ups and downs. It is part of the cycle of blogging. You are not alone in feeling a traffic slump right now. The great thing about a dip in traffic is that an upwards spike in traffic afterwards is even more noticeable and appreciated!

Hopefully, all of this has helped you feel a little bit better about your stats. If you’d like to feel even better, go ahead and Stumble, Pin, +1, and Tweet about this post. Though there are no promises that any of that will improve your stats, it will improve mine… and for that (and all the wonderful and insightful comments all of you will be leaving on this post) I thank you!


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