Why A Lack of Comments Isn’t a Lack of Love

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Photo by Flickr user sunsetgirl creations

You are a blogger. If you aren’t, I’m not sure why you are reading this article. But feel free to pretend you ARE a blogger. It’s a pretty awesome thing to be.

Okay, back on track. You are a blogger. You spend countless hours on your projects, putting together posts, editing pictures, writing brilliant content, and clicking Publish. Then you sit back and wait for the comments to come rolling in.

Comments are a Bloggers Payday. We love to read every little one, ranging from ‘Thanks for sharing this!’ to “You are hands down the greatest person to ever walk the face of this earth!” to “Your hair looks weird in that picture!”

But the truth is, comments are getting a little hard to come by. There are so many convenient ways to read blog posts nowadays but not-so-convenient ways to comment. So I’m willing to bet that 90% of the time readers don’t leave comments because they just don’t have time. Which we all understand. Which is why it is all the more special to receive a comment. I’ll be honest, it makes me a little sad when I spend hours and hours on a project and only get one or two comments. But have you ever tried to leave a comment from a smart phone? Auto correct makes it super impossible.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our readers.

There’s the reader who skims the post and thinks, “Cool. I have no response.” (90%)

There’s the reader who reads the post and generously leaves a kind and encouraging comment. (5%)

There’s the reader who doesn’t read the post, and leaves this comment: “Awesome! Come follow my blog!” (2%)

There’s the reader who doesn’t read the post and leaves this comment: “You are a terrible crafter, blogger, mother, and human being. PS. I am a troll.” (1%)

(And just so it all adds up, the other 2% is everyone else.)

So based on these incredibly scientific statistics, you can clearly see that only about 5-7% of our readers actually leave a comment. Wah! Is that really the only validation we can cling to?

Did you know that if you visit you can find out what has been pinned from your blog? It’s really fun to go look it up and see all of your projects/children’s faces on Pinterest. And there is nothing like the feeling of looking up your Google Analytics after being featured or stumbled. It’s like a warm hug.

Sometimes when I’m craving reader interaction, I ask questions on my Facebook page. Ask short punchy questions that people can answer quickly. Instead of “What do you love about your mother?” you can ask “What’s one word to describe your mother?” And don’t just write a question and disappear, respond to your readers comments. That will encourage more discussion in the future. Same thing goes for responding to blog comments.

What is my point here? I thought I had one when I started . . . hmm . . . oh, yes. Don’t get hung up on comments. People like to love you in silence.

Visit Heidi at Honeybear Lane to be inspired by craft and sewing projects, a little home decor and witty personal stories. She is great at motivating women to take charge of their own creativity, as well as being a mother of three sweet little ones.
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