Why I Love Being a Small Blogger

small blogger

I’m a small blogger. I don’t get a million pageviews each month. I don’t even get a hundred thousand pageviews each month. On an average day, my main blog gets less than 1,000 pageviews. In the world of blogging, this makes me a smaller blogger. And I love it.

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love to be a big blogger… someday. I would be thrilled to get hundreds of thousands of pageviews in a month… and the ad revenue and sponsorship opportunities that can come with that kind of audience. Someday, but not yet. Here is why:

1. My blog is still mine.
Some might argue that no matter how big your blog gets, it is still YOURS. But, when you have a large and active readership, the increased interest in you and what you’re blogging about also has some people feeling a deeper connection, and even some investment or ownership in your blog. If you miss a regularly scheduled day of blogging, or post something that they don’t agree with, these readers can take it personally. The reality is that the more people you’re sharing your blog with… the more people share it with you.

2. Small blogs make smaller mistakes.
Many of us bloggers are still learning. We’ll always be learning. There are constant changes in the technology we use. New forms of social media are coming out. It is so easy to type something you sincerely mean, and have it be read in the wrong tone. If I make a bloggy faux paux, few people are going to care. And if they do, they’re likely to say “she’s small – she’s still learning.” Bigger bloggers with their huge audiences are much more likely to have a hater or troll in their midst, just waiting for a chance to show the world how imperfect this big blogger really is.

3. There is no pressure to earn.
I’m a “hobby blogger.” I do this for fun. What little profit I might make isn’t essential to my household income. If Google mistakenly decides to blacklist my blog from searches, my largest ad network suddenly decides to re-write our contract, or my site gets hacked, it isn’t going to mean that I have to switch to a generic brand of cereal. That doesn’t mean it won’t cause a little stress in my day, but it would never impact my ability to pay my bills or put food on the table. There are plenty of large bloggers who are online for a living, and have the pressure that comes with it.

4. Craftyness is still optional.
As a blogger in DIY/Crafts, most of my content is about creating stuff. Whenever I whip up something new, I’m excited to share it on my blog. I can create as my muse inspires me, without worries about how frequently I post a new tutorial. I create crafts and content based on what I want to create, not based on what anonymous readers want to read. My projects are based on what inspires me, not on what keywords have low competition in searches.

5. Because it is where I am.
Lastly, I love being a small blogger, because I AM a small blogger. I love this spot. I love the collaboration with my fellow bloggers, big and small. I love each opportunity I’m given, each comment someone writes, and each pin my posts get. I have no idea if I’d love being a big blogger just as much… because I’m not there yet. But I know I love the way things are right now.

Share with me in the comments below – are you a small blogger? What do you love about it?

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