Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers

Imagine this scenario: You are browsing the blogosphere and find yourself reading a blog post. Suddenly, your eyes are averted by that little sidebar widget that tells how many followers the blogger has. Or you see that a blogger you follow has been chosen as the “Ambassador of a Really Cool Brand.” You are shocked, you are miffed, but most of all you feel those bubbling feelings of envy rising inside you. “Why does she have more followers than me? I don’t even like her photos or her posts.” Or “Not fair, why wasn’t I chosen as a brand ambassador.” Does this sound familiar? I’m pretty sure this happens to a lot more of us than we would like to admit. In fact, I’m willing to bet that we’ve all seen green at one time or another.

Taming the Green-Eyed Monster:

Let’s step back and take a look at the bigger picture and realize that you were just exposed to a few tiny facts about that blog. What isn’t always obvious is how long that blogger has been writing? Or how hard he/she has worked to get that many followers. And how many behind-the-scenes marketing and social media efforts have been deployed to put themselves at the doorstep of that “Really Cool Brand”.

“Never compare your beginning, to someone else’s middle.” – Jon Acuff (author of Quitter)

Is it really fair to compare your blog to someone else who has been blogging longer? A culmination of months or years of blogging can lead to varying results. You never know where you will be in a month or more. So, focus on today. Focus on your blog mission and your content. Put on those blinders and stop the comparisions!

It is important not to give in to those feelings of envy or jealousy. It really ruins the fun of having a blog in the first place!

Remember that no one reached 100,000 page views the first week they started blogging. Your blog will grow, give it time and recognize that it is a slow and steady incline if you stay true to your intent. Ask yourself, how will you measure the success of your blog? Set an intention or goal for your blog to keep your focus. Refer back to your goal if you get sidetracked, jealous, discouraged, or receive mean comments, etc.

Re-think what is important in your life. Is it your followers, stats, income and/or readership? Or is it your immediate family and relationships that will be there for you if you stop blogging tomorrow?

When the green monster rears its ugly head, take a deep breath and blow out all those negative feelings. Pop those bubbling negative emotions with positive thoughts: Try to be happy for that blogger. Those that have succeeded are only paving the road for the rest of us. Be thankful that brands are turning to bloggers to represent them. They are still testing the waters of social media. That blogger that just received a chance to represent a brand, if he or she does a great job you can be sure that there will be more opportunities for others in the future.

5 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Jealousy

1.  Write a blog intention, mission or goal statement. Type it up and post it somewhere that you can refer to it anytime you are feeling envious. Stay focused on your blog’s purpose. Remind yourself why you are blogging. If it is to have the most followers, you aren’t going to win. There is always someone out there that will have more for whatever reason. My personal goal is to empower people to complete their own DIY project. So, if I’ve empowered one person, I have achieved my goal!

2.  If you do find yourself comparing. Turn your follower widgets off or hide them at the bottom of your blog. Pull out your blog intention statement and remind yourself why you are blogging.

3.  Focus on building your own blog. Be more active in social media circles and definitely share your projects on a specific brand’s Facebook or Google+ pages. (i.e. If you just used Rustoleum spray paint on a project, share the link to your project post on Rustoleum’s page.

4.  Congratulate the blogger you originally had envious feelings towards. “Wow, Sue, how awesome that you are now a brand ambassador.” Strike up an online friendship with other bloggers. Networking is a huge help when blogging. Having others to bounce questions off of; to promote each other; or to refer you if an opportunity comes up that they can’t handle. Think of the blogosphere as one big family. Let’s help each other achieve goals. When you spend the time to help another, chances are that good things will come to you.

5.  Remember, building a successful blog takes time, patience, and perseverance. No one reached 1000 followers overnight. Every single blog you read had a first day with ZERO followers and ZERO page views. And speaking of success. Do we need to redefine “successful blog”? I define a successful blog as a blog that grows no matter how slow. Each day that you post is another day you have grown your blog. Revel in it.

So, let’s cheer on our fellow bloggers and watch with excitement as we all ride this wave of blogging. I can’t wait to see where the current will take us! Go forth and blog your little heart out and remember what matters most to you.

Join Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl in her blogging adventures, as she teaches people not to be afraid to do it themselves! Her blog is packed with detailed tutorials of DIY, home improvement, repair and craft projects.
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